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The Tamagotchi Angel (てんしっちのたまごっち Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi, unofficially known as the Angelgotchi) was a Tamagotchi release that focuses on the afterlife of a Tamagotchi pet. It debuted in Japan in August 1997, and was released worldwide in February 1998.

A mobile phone version of the game was released later on. The mobile game was remade and released for smartphones as Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Angel on February 26, 2014.

Shell and Screen Design

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The three designs for the Tenshitch no Tamagotchi; white, pink and blue.

The Tamagotchi Angel is the same size and shell as the original Tamagotchi; however, has also two angel wings on the sides of the screen. The color of the wings can be silver or gold depending on the shell color. There are stars surrounding the screen, with the logo at the top. The back of the screen is designed to appear as a shooting star.

The Japanese shell says "ANGELGOTCH" at the top and a picture of a character resembling Tarakotchi Angel. It shows two Tamagotchi toys; one with a star on the top and another with angel wings and a halo, along with stars. The English release says "Tamagotchi Angel" at the top and does not have the same decorations as the Japanese shell, though it does maintain the small stars.

While early releases of the Japanese models featured the original Tamagotchi icons, the later releases had newly designed icons exclusive to the Angel. The toilet icon, represented by a butt with wings, was later changed to a roll of toilet paper for the international release.

There are four color variations: pastel pink, pastel blue, white, and pastel yellow (exclusive to English editions). The pink and blue shells have silver wings, while the white and yellow shells have gold wings. Due to the chemicals present in the shell, the white shell can become discolored over time, resembling a yellow color.

Three special variations of the originals shells were released as part of a celebration of Takeshi Kitano's new film, Hana-bi. They feature a cartoon image of Takeshi printed on the bottom half, wearing angelic garments, and "Takeshi no" (たけしの) is printed above the logo. The packaging features images from the film.


Angel Power

Angel Power (initialed AP, also known as てんしパワー Tenshi Power, or TP) is a special feature replacing weight and is affected through the intake of candy. When Tamagotchi Angel eats candy, a bat might show up in an attempt of stealing it. Tenshi points are mainly affected in teen, adult, and special stages and might also decrease if prayer calls are missed, or if Tamagotchi Angel is left alone for a period of time.

Motion & Sound Sensors

The Tamagotchi Angel has a sensor used for scaring away bats that appear when eating candies or calling the Tamagotchi back from strolls. The motion sensor reacts when it senses taps on the case of the Tamagotchi or when the Tamagotchi is being shaken. The sound sensor reacts to loud noises.


A door image sometimes appears on the Tamagotchi's screen. This means that the Tamagotchi has gone to a stroll. Usually, the Tamagotchi character will come back on its own after a certain amount of time, but it may be returned to the screen when selecting and using the "Praise" icon and then using the motion or the sound sensors.


Tamagotchi Angel will pray at certain times during the day, When doing so, the Tamagotchi will beep, and will need praise. Doing so will raise its good deeds meter, and it is willing to do good deeds. In the event of reaching the teen and adult stages, when it prays, shooting stars will be falling in the background.


The Tamagotchi Angel, as well as the other original Tamagotchis, has only one game. The objective of the game is to dodge the incoming shooting stars. For each game, players must do this a minimum of three times.


When Tamagotchi Angel gets sick, a skull will show up on the screen. This shows that it needs curing from sickness. Sometimes cases of sickness cannot be cured. These cases lead to death.


This icon is used to clean the poop off the screen. The icon for the original first wave releases featured a butt with wings, but for publishing reasons, it was changed to a roll of toilet paper or a rubber duck.


While light functions remain the same as the standard Tamagotchi, turning them off during the day can trigger the Angel to get sick or die.



Growth Chart

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