A Sparkling Debut! Lovelin's Skating Lessons (キラ〜ン! ラブリン氷上に舞う Kira~n! Raburin hikami ni mau) is part 2 of episode 13 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 4, 2010. The creator of the episode is Yamaguchi Hiroshi.


The episode begins at an ice skating rink, where Mametchi says he reminiscences the last time he ice skated. Memetchi notes that Lovelitchi couldn't come with everyone. Afterwards, Makiko goes inside the skating rink and performs spins. Jealous, Memetchi goes aside with her and spins like her too. Mametchi tells the two of them that they just came to the ice rink to have fun. Then Flowertchi and Kuchipatchi got envious of Makiko and Memetchi's ice skating skills. Mametchi suggests that they should skate together; it has been a long time for him and he needs to refresh his skills. Flowertchi says that he skates great. However, he says that he can't compete with Makiko and Memetchi.

While Makiko and Memetchi continue spinning, Makiko says she spun 301 times and Memetchi says she almost got to the 100th spin. Their determination impressed Mametchi, Flowertchi, and Kuchipatchi. Just then, Dorotchi and Togetchi see the three and say hi to them. Mametchi seems glad to see them. He thinks they came to brush up on their ice skating skills as well. Dorotchi floats along the ice rink with the skate boots on his hands. Flowertchi complements on him, but Mametchi points out that Dorotchi is just floating above the ice. Togetchi slides by. Gozarutchi is only walking on the ice with his snowshoes. Afterwards, Mametchi, Flowertchi, and Kuchipatchi begin to skate. Togetchi tells them that Hinotamatchi wanted to go ice skating, but was not allowed in because he was too hot. The cutaway shows Hinotamatchi angrily arguing with the guard, saying that he wants to go skating with his friends. Then he starts to go "hot-headed" as he gets more frustrated. After the cutaway, Mametchi understand that it makes sense because Hinotamatchi could melt the ice.

Outside the ice rink, Mametchi, Flowertchi, and Kuchipatchi see the Lovelin Tour Bus park near the ice rink. ADtchi comes up to the entrance, announcing to everyone that the casting crew are going to use the ice rink for a TV show. Mametchi wonders. Then Lovelin carefully walks in with her ice skates on. ADtchi tells her that they need to run some tests and asks her to practice on the ice rink. Mametchi, Flowertchi, and Kuchipatchi see Lovelin. She looks at the three, and blushes as she waves to them.

At the parking lot, Mametchi was told that Lovelin's scenes had some last minute changes. Manenetchi adds that they were supposed to shoot in a restaurant called "Explosive Raven". However, the owner, who looks like a bomb, went crazy because he thought Lovelin and the casting crew were intruders; and then he literally exploded. They were forced to change the scene afterwards. Mametchi understands the situation. Flowertchi tries encouraging by complementing on Lovelin's outfit, thinking she looks like a fairy tale princess. Lovelin thanks her, but then says that she has a problem. Mametchi offers to help her, along with the gang. He asks what her problem is. Lovelin tries to tell, but Manenetchi said for her: She doesn't know how to ice-skate. It surprised the gang, and Lovelin still looks embarrassed.

So now the gang start teaching Lovelin how to ice skate. First, she tried staying upstraight. Makiko says that she only needs to relax. Then Memetchi tells her to bend her knees a little. Lovelin bends her knees, but she slips and hurts her nose. Getting up in pain, Flowertchi tells her that she can take a break. Lovelin says it's okay, as the camera crew are going to shoot soon. So she says that she should at least learn how to slide. Lovelin asks Makiko and Memetchi to show more of their skills. The two understand her persistence and agree to show her the basics. Lovelin thanks them. Nearby, Kuromametchi is seen peeking out of a wall, who seems to be spying on the gang.

Lovelin lets go of the side and begins to carefully slide on the ice. Makiko instructs her to try alternate her legs while sliding. She manages to do it gently, and Flowertchi and Kuchipatchi applaud. Makiko says she should practice the technique. Memetchi says that Lovelin is good in sports so she'll be able to learn ice-skaing in no time. Lovelin was thankful for it, but she says she wants to learn more ice-skating skills because she wants to do her best in the show. But Makiko and Memetchi say she should do it later since it's Lovelin's first time ice-skating.

Then Mametchi suggests that Lovelin should try ice-skating with a partner, where the partner can guide her while she's ice-skating with them. Lovelin wonders about it. He adds that in ice-skating, practice can be also be in pairs. Makiko and Memetchi got excited over with Mametchi's ice-skating partnership idea. But when they offer to pair up with Lovelin, the two girls quarrel with each other. Mametchi corrects his saying, that only a male partner is able to pair up with the female Lovelin. He thinks that a pair of girls would be weird. Mametchi suggests that Makiko and Memetchi should "dress up like boys." The two wonder, imagining the whole situation. Makiko's sequence consists of her wearing an elegant prince costume with brown hair, pleading Lovelin to come to the Tamagotchi palace with her. In Memetchi's sequence, she is dressed in a black sweater with cool looking black hair and showing Lovelin the "ice-skating constellation" above the starry skies. After the dramatization sequences are over, Makiko admits that it might be cool, but she thinks it's unusual. Memetchi says she doesn't want to dress up like a boy. Makiko adds it would be a waste of their beauty. Memetchi agrees with her.

Then Makiko gets an idea: Mametchi and Kuchipatchi should become Lovelin's partners. Mametchi becomes surprised, and he says he still doesn't have any ice-skating experience. Kuchipatchi also says he not proficient, and then he slips over and says that his butt is frozen. ADtchi then calls out to Lovelin, saying that rehearsal is about to start. Lovelin acknowledges it, then thanks her friends for all their help. In spite that she'll fall frequently, she'll do her best.

Back to Kuromametchi, he sees that as a "perfect opportunity", and then he leaves his hiding spot and heads through the parking lot. Back to Mametchi, he says that he has a new invention that will help Lovelin. He left the rink to get his invention. Meanwhile, Kuromametchi goes into a fashion shop to buy something there. He comes out with a black cloak. Back at Mametchi, he goes back into his house and manages to get his invention.

The scene shifts back to the ice-skating rink, where the camera crew are ready to shoot. ADtchi says that they're just going to test the camera first. Lovelin says she is ready for it. Outside the rink, the gang seem to have doubts for Lovelin, but they try to support her. Mametchi comes in at the last minute and tells the casting crew that he wants to skate with Lovelin. ADtchi becomes questionable with Mametchi's offer, but Tamapitchi understands that he wants to do pair-skating and allows it. He thinks that he "might make a movie out of it". ADtchi hesitantly agrees with him. Makiko reminds Mametchi that his skills have not returned yet. Mametchi has no doubts about it. He takes out something from his bag to show off his latest invention: the "Miracle Super Jet Ice Skates," which will make him skate like a pro. He puts them on and activates them. As everyone watches him, Mametchi ends up getting rocketed up towards the sky, astonishing everybody.

As ADtchi clears up it up and continues with the shoot, he tells Lovelin to start skating while the camera crew does some test with the camera. Then, somebody halts it, surprising ADtchi. ADtchi and Tamapitchi look up, and the person who stopped them is revealed to be Kuromametchi, standing on top of a roof. He says that he wants to be Lovelin's skating partner. He takes off his cloak and shows off his costume: a purple dress suit with six decorative feathers behind him. Everybody was shocked in disbelief. ADtchi says that he looks "too flashy," Kuromametchi was astonished after hearing that; he said that his friend at the clothing store gave him the finest figure-skating outfit. ADtchi says that the crew can't accept people who dress too nicely; they think it will ruin Lovelin's popularity. Tamapitchi now thinks it will be disaster for their filming. Kuromametchi was horrified to hear that, and then he accidentally falls backwards.

Once again, ADtchi tells Lovelin to skate across the rink while they test their camera. But then, Tamapitchi saw somebody that catches his eye. The scene shifts to the TamaCafe, where on a monitor, the voiceover talks about Lovelin on the ice rink; she is skating just fine now. She now skates gleamingly along with her partner, Nemutchi. As she finishes up with a solo twirl, she says ice-skating is the best thing she ever tried.

As Lovelin promotes everyone to go ice skating on the ice skating rink, the show is revealed to have been viewed on a laptop with Lovelitchi, Memetchi, Makiko, Flowertchi, and Kuchipatchi. Makiko and Flowertchi praise Lovelitchi's performance on the show. Lovelitchi says that Nemutchi arrived just in time. As the gang compliment on Nemutchi's assistance, Mametchi, who is sitting at a separate table near the gang, thinks that his invention should have had a positive effect on helping Lovelin. Kuromametchi, who is leaning back on a wall, looks away as he blushes and says, "There's always next time."





Tamagotchi Holiday (ice skating)11:38

Tamagotchi Holiday (ice skating)

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