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Anemoriritchi anime

Anime version of Anemoriritchi.

Anemoriritchi (あねもりりっち Ane Moriritchi) is Moriritchi's older sister, and owns and runs the Tamamori Shop on Tama Street. Her best friend is Agetchi.

In the anime, she is voiced by Rei Shimota.


Anemoriritchi happy

Anemoriritchi resembles a poodle. She has two orange shaggy ears, a white dress, a blue bolero and a pink swirl rose with two leaves on top of her head. When she is very happy, more roses will suddenly pop up and appear all over her head and body. Her skin is a light yellow, her eyes are blue, have seven lashes around them (four on the top, three on the bottom), and her lips are pink, and in the shape of a C, turned back to front.


Anemoriritchi pashalin

Anime scene from Tamagotchi!, of Anemorirtchi trying to catch Pashalin.

Anemoriritchi's personality is similar to her little sister, Moriritchi. But unlike her, who loves her camera, Pashalin, Anemoriritchi doesn't. According to her, Pashalin has old photos in her memory bank which dates back 8 - 10 years ago, containing pictures of "embarrassing" photos of Anemorirtchi in outfits. Anemorirtchi tries many times to kidnap Pashalin to erase the photos, but she never is able to. Moriritchi is unaware of this.

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