This article is about a character from the TamaOtch. You may be looking for Ashitchi, a character from the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus.

Ashitchi (あしっち)
Genders and Releases:
Ashi-chi's sprite

Ashitchi (あしっち) is a baby stage character who appeared on the TamaOtch.


Ashitchi has a purple sphere-shaped body underneath an egg shell. It resembles Karatchi but with small, stubby legs.


Ashitchi is a mandatory character obtained from Karatchi after growing legs. Instead of evolving after an hour, it will remain in its current form for about 24 hours before evolving into AsaDoratchi or Mochimotchi. Ashitchi sleeps from 8 PM to 9 AM, starting its stage time at 7 PM and finishing at 7:30 PM.

Name Origin

Ashitchi's name is coined from Ashi, which is the Japanese word for "legs". This refers to Ashitchi's newly grown legs. On various growth charts, Ashitchi's name was written as "Ashi-chi". The reason for this alternate spelling is unclear.

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