The baby stage (幼児期 yōjiki) is the beginning of the Tamagotchi's life, after hatching from its egg. Under normal circumstances, it will evolve into the child stage. Starting from the Tamagotchi Connection, this is when the Tamagotchi's gender is first identified.


Once hatched from its egg, all of the baby's Hungry and Happy hearts will be empty, and will empty rapidly during its time in this stage. The baby will also poop, take a 5 minute nap, and get ill. From the Tamagotchi Connection onward, it will also call for Training. After one hour, the baby will evolve to the Child Stage.

From the Version 1 until the release of the Version 5, the Baby would appear crying on the screen, and its lifespan would not begin until the user gives it a name.


Death cannot normally happen in the stage; even if the baby suffers extreme neglect, it will evolve into the Child Stage before the effects of neglect could invoke death. On the classic Tamagotchi, the user could deliberately invoke death by feeding the baby snacks nonstop.

Babies from Marriage

From the Version 1 until the Version 5, the baby character will live with the adult for up to 48 hours. In the time, the baby could poop and get ill, but the adult does all of the baby's feeding. After the 48 hours, the parent would leave the following midnight, and the user could name the new baby once it awoke in the morning.

On the Mesutchi and Osutchi, babies resulting from marriage would stay in this stage for one full day, and evolve into the child stage the following day. What baby is born from the parents correlates directly to the TMP level of the two parents; two parents of the same TMP level would result in a baby with a higher TMP level, while two parents of different TMP levels would result in a baby with a lower TMP level.

On the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus and Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus, there are two babies for each of the three families, and the baby resulting from marriage is determined by the family of the two adults. This was carried over to the Version 5 and its variations.

From the Version 5 onward, the baby's life begins immediately after the adult of the previous generations marries, with the Tamagotchi Music Star being the sole exception.

Special Babies

Certain baby characters can only be born under certain conditions, while regular babies born under special circumstances can evolve into special characters.

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