Baradorutchi artwork
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Baradorutchi's sprite

Baradorutchi (バラドルっち) is an adult stage character who debuted on the TamaOtch. According to a TamaOtch instruction guide, she has an upbeat, honest personality.


Baradorutchi resembles a drawn girl with black hair in two pigtails held in place by pink hairbands. She has a blue wristband on her left arm and a red one on her right arm, and wears a yellow top and red dungarees. She also wears light pink and white sneakers.



Baradorutchi can be obtained at the final adult stage from AsaDoratchi, Mochimotchi, or Tamaotchi 1. However, she cannot be obtained from Kakuretchi.

Baradorutchi is capable of evolving into the secret character, Tamaotchi 2.

Name Origin

Baradorutchi's name is coined from "Baradoru", short for "Baraetī aidoru" (バラエティアイドル), meaning variety idol.

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