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Beep Beep! Ready to Take Over Tamagotchi Planet (ピポパポ! たまごっち星征服? Pipopapo! Tamagotchi hoshi seifuku?) is part 1 of episode 13 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 4, 2010. The creator of the episode is Yamaguchi Hiroshi.


The episode begins after a partial parody introduction of the intro (though the default intro still plays before the mock up), where Tamagotchi Planet is revealed to be changed with purple land and it is wearing black sunglasses while biting on a stick. It also has an antenna on it.

Over Spaceytchi's voiceover, he says that once he takes over Tamagotchi Planet, he'll rename it "Spacey Planet". He vows that changes will be made over the course of the "Spacey Domination". Akasupetchi and Piposupetchi cheered with him. As Spaceytchi raises his fist in glory and laughs evilly, he encourages the two to follow him on the road to conquest.

The Spacy Brothers arrive at an empty street of Tamagotchi Town and they seem disappointed that nobody is around. They go door to door of the stores and they all of them seems to be closed. Spaceytchi also notices a door ornament, he thinks it looks cheesy. He seems to take note that they all have it on the doors of the stores. Akasupetchi ponders that they could mean something. Then Spaceytchi got his attention, but Akasupetchi quickly threw it out. Acknowledging it, Spaceytchi then tells the two to go to Tamagotchi School. Akasupetchi says it's too early to go to school, and Spaceytchi says that the first thing in his mind that he wants to take it over.

In a flashback, Spaceytchi is teaching, presenting the class with a simple math problem: 1 + 1. The class answered: two. But Spaceytchi disagrees with it and exclaims the answer is "eleven". Then he laughs before the flashback ends. Spaceytchi says that he'll do whatever he wants. So he exclaims to go to Tamagotchi School. Akasupetchi and Piposupetchi agrees with him.

The Spacy Brothers arrive at Tamagotchi School and noticed that nobody is around as well. Spaceytchi thinks that they could be in a nightmare. Then the brothers inspect a classroom, and it is empty. Thinking that everybody is absent today, he thinks he have to do something otherwise it will be an empty school. The brothers enters a science classroom, which is empty too. Then they go to a cafeteria, and it is empty as well. Spaceytchi is still stumped. Akasupetchi gets an idea, they should go watch TV to find the reason for the mysterious vanishing of the people. Spaceytchi agrees with him.

Upon looking at a TV, there appears to be no signal. Spaceytchi flips through the channels, and nothing seems to be on. Akasupetchi begins to panic. Spaceytchi asks him of his concerns. He explains that he seen a scary movie on TAMAX-TV which scared him. Spaceytchi asks why was he scared. He explained it that it is about a small town where the residents have been abducted by aliens, terrorizing them. He thinks that it might have happened the same to the Tamagotchi Town residents. Spaceytchi laughs after his alien story, as he believes that aliens do not exists. Akasupetchi is disappointed.

Spaceytchi says that he has to change plans. When Akasupetchi asks, Spaceytchi says that because nobody is around, they can skip to the part where they'll finally take over Tamagotchi Planet, delighting Akasupetchi and Piposupetchi. Spaceytchi laughs, as he'd didn't needed a shortcut to take over the planet as he glorifies himself and the two brothers praised him. Now the Spacy Brothers are seen making chalk graffiti throughout place. They cover a playground with terrible doodles, drawing "fake arrows" to confuse the people, swinging 24/7 on a swing, and drawn on a statue and drawing on a billboard of Spaceytchi himself.

Spaceytchi encourages Akasupetchi to practice his evil laugh. But Akasupetchi is still creeped out by the complete disappearance of the residents. He says that everwhere they go, nobody is around. He still thinks that aliens have abducted them all. Spaceytchi still doesn't believe it. Then Akasupetchi adds that the people could be trapped in another dimension or kidnapped by ghosts. Spaceytchi imagines all what Akasupetchi said. He was shocked, but tries to get over it. Akasupetchi still believes it, but Spaceytchi insists that it's still not real.

Spaceytchi worrying what Akaspetchi saying is really true

Then, a noise is heard, alerting the brothers that somebody is coming. But all they see is a tin can rolling towards them. After an awkward silence, Akasupetchi gives up hope, as he is now scared that he doesn't want to disappear like everyone, and he cries. Spaceytchi tries to calm him down. But then he starts to feel the same as he now thinks the three are alone. Piposupetchi tries to talk them out. Thens Spaceytchi worries of being alone, then he and Akasupetchi held on to each other. Believing that they will all disappear, Spaceytchi tries to make it most of their lives.

The brothers visit the Waru Cafe, where Spaceytchi said that when the brothers first came to Tamagotchi Planet, he wanted to go into the bad guy's cafe to have a chat with them. Wiping his tears, he never have thought everybody is now gone. Akasupetchi agrees with him. Then Spaceytchi decided to go inside the cafe, but it is locked. Akasupetchi says that it is empty which is why it is closed. But then, Piposupetchi comes up to the door and pushes it, which opens the door. Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi seems surprised as they never have thought of pushing it. Piposupetchi tries to go inside, but Spaceytchi says that he is the oldest and must go in first. The brothers approached the stairs. Akasupetchi understands how Spaceytchi feels, but he thinks it's not a good idea. Spaceytchi still goes down the stairs anyways.

Reaching the ground floor, the brothers discovered people inside the cafe, who all seem unresponsive at the moment. Spaceytchi's self-esteem returns, as he laughs that the alien and ghost stories is really not real. Therefore, he proclaims that the brothers are safe. Spaceytchi cautions the brothers, saying that the people in the cafe will be angry if the brothers make any noise. Then Spaceytchi starts leaving the cafe. But Akasupetchi says that something is wrong with them. Spaceytchi tries to quiet him down otherwise the people will wake up. His chatter made Spaceytchi thought he made a noise and tries telling everyone that the brothers are just gonna leave. But Akasupetchi still have thoughts that something is wrong with them. Acknowledging his theory, Spaceytchi comes up to a duck-like person and taps it on its shoulder. But there is no response. Spaceytchi discovered that the person is "stiff as a board".

Akasupetchi seems to understand what happen. He thinks the people inside got hit by "mutant waves" which made them into mannequins. He dramatizes that there is some sort of "photon laser" that zapped every planet in the universe. The process released those mutant waves which can destroy the planet, including Tamagotchi Planet as the target. Spaceytchi became mortified and ran away. Akasupetchi and Piposupetchi follow him.

At a playground, the Spacy Brothers weep as doom ascends onto them. Suddenly, they hear a noise, that came from grinding teeth of an unknown entity. Spaceytchi got spooked. And Akasupetchi worriedly suggest that they must escape the mutant waves. Spaceytchi ponders under pressure. And Akasupetchi panics. But then, Spaceytchi wonders where the noise came from. Akasupetchi thinks it's from outer space. The noise starts up again. Spaceytchi hears it coming from the train object next to them and looks inside. They discovered Necktietchi inside. The brothers looked surprised. Necktietchi yawns then walks out of the train. Spaceytchi is surprised that they are not alone and the brothers embraces him under their worries. Necktietchi doesn't understand what they're doing, before they weep over discovering another person. He asks them what's wrong and he tells him that today is "Roll Over the Floor Day". The Brothers seem baffled about it and asks what it is. Necktietchi was astonished they do not know about it.

Back at the Waru Cafe, the duck-like person wonders about the Spacy Brothers "screaming all over the place". The guy in the small tub doesn't know, he says that they woke him up. Then the scene switches to the Mame Family house, where Mametchi, Chamametchi, Mamametchi, Papamametchi, and Hapihapitchi are laying flat on their backs on the floor. Mametchi says that the holiday is so boring and Chamametchi wants to go play. The parents tell them not to complain as the holiday is important on the first day of it. [Script missing]





Tamagotchi! - Beep! Beep! Ready To Take Over Tamagotchi Planet

Tamagotchi! - Beep! Beep! Ready To Take Over Tamagotchi Planet

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Tamagotchi Holiday (Roll Over The Foor Day)

Tamagotchi Holiday (Roll Over The Foor Day)