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Genders and Releases:
Billkotchi sprite

Billkotchi (ビルコっち Birukotchi) is a female adult character that appears on the Mesutchi. Her male counterpart is Billotchi.


She resembles a black penguin with a white stomach. She has a pink bill and two red appendages on her head that may be ears or hair.


She's very quiet and thoughtful, and her hobbies are reading and composing Japanese poetry. Those poems are the kind that really gets to a girl-tam's heart, and they're quite popular among the Mesutchi!  Her writings are very popular and heartwarming.

On Virtual Pets


Billkotchi is a TMP2 adult who evolves from Pirorintchi with average care or better. Marrying her to any TMP2 adult (Hiratchi, Marumimitchi or Billotchi) will result in PuchiChocotchi being born, while marrying Kabutchi or ChoMametchi will result in Kakutchi being born. Marrying any TMP1 adult will result in Kuritchi being born.

Name Origin

Her name is a combination of the English word "bill", which means the beak of a bird, and ko, meaning "girl".

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