Bukutchi (ぶくっち Bukutchi) is a male tamagotchi who lives in Patchi Forest. He is a possible customer in Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop, and he appears as a background character in Tamagotchi: The Movie. He can also be seen in Tamatown V4's Patchi Forest. 

In both the movie and Tamatown V4, Bukutchi can be seen working at the hot springs in Patchi Forest. He makes the water bubbly for the Tamagotchis' baths by putting one end of a hollow tube into the water, and blowing into the other end.


Bukutchi has dark blue skin, white dot-like eyes, and pink lips. He has a white sweat drop running down the side of his head, and wears a white cloth on the top of his head. He carries a long, yellow, hollow tube. Based on his depiction in the movie, he is quite large compared to most Tamagotchis. 

Name Origin

"Bukubuku" is a Japanese sound effect for bubbling water. 


  • His appearance is rather similar to Roudotchi.


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