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Chamametchi (ちゃまめっち)
Chamametchi blue-small
Genders and Releases:
Name in other languages:
Taiwan Chinese: 美眉麻每吉
Mame City
SpChaMameTeen Tama-Go chamametchi Tamaprofy chamametchi ID Chamametchi 19ChaMametchi

Chamametchi (ちゃまめっち Chamametchi) is the younger sister of Mametchi. Her Tama Pet is Hapihapitchi, and her best friends are Kikitchi and Imotchi.

The first toys she featured on were the Tamagotchi Familitchi V5 and Tamagotchi no Fureai Furendo Chamametchi. However her first ever appearance is in the first Tamagotchi film, Tamagotchi: The Movie, in which she hatched from an egg. Her baby form is Mimifuwatchi, as seen in the movie.  She became a main character in the Tamagotchi franchise, replacing Violetchi, and is a major character in Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe!, Let's Go! Tamagotchi, and Tamagotchi!.

She used to be a teenager-stage character but is now an adult on newer releases.

Piposupetchi also has a crush on her in the anime series.


Chamametchi egg

Chamametchi as an egg.

Chamametchi anime

Anime version of Chamametchi.

Chamametchi adores her big brother, Mametchi, following him around everywhere he goes. She tries to be like him but doesn't listen to what he tells her, having a short attention span.  Thus, she can cause a lot of problems such as the time she pressed a button on a machine that made her and Mametchi switch bodies.  The reason why she adores him is because Mametchi saved Chamametchi's life, when she was only an egg. (Explained in Plot, in Tamagotchi The Movie).

She is very smart for her age but childish and sometimes acts stubborn. Chamametchi sometimes cries to get someone's attention. She often daydreams and is very ticklish.

When talking, Chamametchi often uses the word chama to describe herself, or to address peoples' names.

Chamametchi adores her Tama-Pet, Hapihapitchi, and in one episode she even tries to fly like her. They do everything together, but sometimes (although very rarely) they fight.

Chamametchi's interests include drawing, daydreaming, picking flowers, and watching TV (especially Lovelin's shows).

Her favorite quote is "Life is Sweet!"


Chamametchi is a Teen-Stage character on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 and in the Tamagotchi Music Star. In the anime series she is a toddler. Chamametchi is the youngest person of the Mame Family. She is Papamametchi's and Mamametchi 's daughter and Mametchi's sister. Along with the family's two Tama Pets, Bagubagutchi and Hapihapitchi.


Chamametchi's appearance is similar to her brother's, Mametchi and her mother's, Mamametchi. She wears a pink mame cap with a yellow bow, and a pink dress similar to a petticoat.

Other Forms

Super Chama Girl

Original artwork of Super Chama Girl.

Tamago 06 02

Chamametchi transforming into Super Chama Girl from Let's Go! Tamagotchi.

Super Chama Girl

Super Chama Girl (スーパーちゃまガール Sūpā Chama Gāru) also known as Super Hero Chama Girl is Chamametchi's heroic form from Chamametchi's daydreaming imagination. She appears in the 6th episode of Let's Go! Tamagotchi, Super Heroine Chamametchi!, and 12th episode, The Secret of Tamagotchi Town.




Hapichamatchi pulling her evil face from Tamagotchi!.


Hapichamatchi (ハピちゃまっち Hapichamatchi) is Chamametchi's Henshin Jo transform character from the Tamagotchi iD L. She resembles her Tama Pet, Hapihapitchi.

In the anime TV show Tamagotchi!, Hapichamatchi has a very evil and devilish personality (Chamametchi's evil side), and she is one of the sisters in the Three Underworld Devil Sisters. She is often seen pulling her evil face, shouting, and using her cuteness to fool others.


Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

Chamametchi can be obtained through breeding Mametchi with Chantotchi, while keeping the bonding at 100%. The p arents will become Papamametchi and Mamametchi, and will produce 2 eggs, both of which will hatch into Mimifuwatchi. The oldest baby will become Mametchi, and the youngest will become Chamametchi. Another way of obtaining Chamametchi is by training Belltchi, Tororotchi, or Sakuramotchi using smart items.

Tamagotchi Music Star

She can be obtained by marrying Mametchi to Chantotchi, or taking good care of a female child, by keeping her hunger and happiness levels high, and her stress level low.

Tamagotchi Plus Color

Chamametchi can evolve from any female child, with 0-3 care mistakes.

Tamagotchi iD

Chamametchi evolves from Shelltchi, with 1-3 care mistakes

Tamagotchi iD L

Chamametchi evolves from Painaputchi, with 5 care mistakes.

TamaTown Tama-Go

Chamametchi can evolve from any female teen. She is obtained from above-average care.

Name Origin

Chamametchi's name comes from the Japanese honorific of chama. Its a common word that is normaly used to address peoples' names. For example, "Mametchi-chama" or "Big brother-chama".

The me left in Chamametchi's name refers to the connection to her mother, Mamametchi. Where mama is used instead of a Japanese honorfific. Another reason why me is added to Chamametchi's name, is to clearly show the word mame in her name. Which connects her to her big brother, Mametchi and her Mame Family.


  • According the the Tamagotchi! anime episode, The Power of Gossip!, Chamametchi sleeps in Lovelin PJs. However, she is always depicted wearing a normal pink dress and nightcap.
  • In the Japanese anime, she ends all sentences with "desu", which means "it is".
  • Chamametchi seems to be the only Tamagotchi besides the Spacy Brothers who understands what Pipospetchi says.


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