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Chobitamatchi tah


Genders and Appearances:
Mushitchi Forest
Chobitamatchi sprite Chobitamatchi sprite SNES Chobitamatchi sprite GB

Chobitamatchi (ちょびタマっち) is an adult Tamagotchi that appears exclusively in Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch.


Chobitamatchi has a round body and two short legs. The upper half of its body is white, and the lower half is light blue. It has two dot-like eyes and two antennae on top of its head.


This little insect lives at the lower ends of tree branches and spends its life cleaning the trees. It spends its life time going back and forth over thin branches. It uses different types of pollen as make-up, and gathers flowers to make lotions. It's known to be a make up maniac.


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