Chocolate! Chocolate! Lovelin's Chocolate is Everywhere! (いっぱい! エブリーラブリンチョコ Ippai! Eburī raburin choko) is part 2 of Episode 18 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on February 8, 2010. The episode is written by Aya Matsui.


The episode supposedly takes place after the events of "Chocolate! Chocolate! Who Will Get Lovelin's Chocolate?". Lovelitchi walks down a street and overhears somebody wishing to get Lovelin's homemade chocolate. The conversation came from Ojitchi and Mr. Turtlepedia sitting on a bench. Mr. Turtlepedia agrees with Ojitchi as he feels pitiful and Ojitchi says they were just dreaming about it. Lovelitchi seems to feel bad about it. Then several people are arguing about getting Lovelin's chocolate if next year were to happen today. Lovelitchi looks to her right and sees a person being jealous over Tamagotchi Planet on getting the chocolate. As Lovelitchi ponders over these events, she thought up an idea.

At the TamaCafe, Memetchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, Kikitchi, and Hapihapitchi enters the kitchen. And Lovelitchi and Lovemamalitchi are at the counter. Memetchi asks Lovelitchi on what she is making and Kuchipatchi smells chocolate. Which is what Lovelitchi is about to make. Chamametchi wonders what is the chocolate for, with Kikitchi implying that Valentines Day is over. Lovelitchi says she doesn't want everyone to be disappointed in making her decision. So she decided to make chocolate for her fans. Mametchi acknowledged her idea and Hapihapitchi flies around with her heart-stalk glowing, being excited with Lovelitchi happy. Lovemamalitchi thinks Hapihapitchi is happy because she knows a solution. Lovelitchi calls Hapihapitchi cute, then Lovelitchi gets an idea: she will make her chocolate into pink hearts, based on Hapihapitchi's stalk.

Night falls and Lovelitchi has finished packaging her pink chocolate hearts. The next morning, inside the TAMAX-TV building, Lovelin calls out TamaPtchi. TamaPtchi comes up to her and she gives him a box of her chocolate. Wondering what it is, Lovelin says it's her way for saying her thanks. He opens the box and it contains the pink chocolate hearts. He feels delighted and happily thanks Lovelin for them. Lovelin replies it's a thanks for supporting her. TamaPtchi takes a bite out of it and fell in deep happiness. Next, Lovelin goes to Gotchiman and gives him her chocolate. He was surprised at first and Lovelin says thanks for being there for her. He calmly says thanks to her then eats the chocolate and becomes enlightened and starts hopping all over the set. Lovelin gives her chocolate to ADtchi, who feels happy after eating her chocolate. Then a staff crew who already received Lovelin's chocolate comes up to her, saying that he feels happy. Lovelin is relieved that everyone is now feeling happy.

Lovelin arrives in her Lovelin Tour Bus near a train station plaza. She thanked to the people around the plaza for supporting her and introduces her chocolate made with her love. As Lovelin tries to ask if anybody would want her chocolate, a crowd of people rushes up to her car, all clamoring for the chocolate. Excited, she thanked them all. Lovelin proceed to give her chocolate to the fans one by one. As she continues, she runs out of boxes to give away. Thus, causing disappointment. Lovelin tells everyone that she'll make more and the fans all count on it. Lovelin looks to TamaPtchi and asks him a request.

At the TAMAX-TV kitchen set, Lovelin makes chocolate at her break time along with TamaPtchi and Manenetchi. The two seem to acknowledge it, but wonders when will Lovelin rest. Just then, ADtchi calls out to Lovelin saying that a studio is ready for her. Lovelin eagerly comes. Manenetchi catches Lovelin's apron and says she'll take over for her. But Lovelin denies it, saying that the chocolate will have no meaning unless she makes it by herself with all her heart. Manenetchi sighs. Then tells herself that Lovelin can be too honest with herself. Later, Lovelin continues to give her fans her pink heart chocolate, with her singing performances included.

At the Tamagotchi School, Mametchi seems to worry about Lovelitchi with her chocolate making routines. According to Kuchipatchi, she hasn't come to school for several days. Memetchi then tells the two about yesterday, where she is walking down the street and sees Lovelin giving chocolate. Before Memetchi could try coming up to her, she gets caught in a stampede of fans rushing up Lovelin. She sighs after she stopped spinning. After the flashback, Memetchi wonders if she had any sleep during her chocolate making. The three starts to think. Then Mametchi gets an idea. Later that night in Mametchi's room, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi seems to be constructing a machine.

As soon it is done, it was delivered to the TAMAX-TV studio. Lovelin asks about the machine. Mametchi and Memetchi calls it the "Every Lovelin Chocolate Making Machine". As Lovelin and Manenetchi understands, Mametchi asks Lovelin to test it out. He asks her to sing Every Lovely and think everyone she wants to think with chocolate. Lovelin acknowledges it. So she sings Every Lovely on the microphone. As she sings, the machine starts making chocolate. The first part creates the batter used to make the chocolate. The batter goes up to the tube which are now molded into hearts. Then they are finally packaged and then a box slides into the box. Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Manenetchi sees it come down and Manenetchi is impressed.

But Lovelin questions if it is the same as making chocolate with her own hands. Mametchi says that it is the same. He explains that the machine takes up her heart-felt song. Then converts it into delicious Lovelin chocolate. The source is actually Lovelin singing the song. Mametchi presses a play button on the machine and it starts producing the pink heart chocolate packed boxes while playing back the Every Lovely song. Mametchi adds that it's Lovelin's love for everyone that creates the chocolate. Lovelin seems to comply with it. Manenetchi tells her that it's not good overworking herself. Memetchi says that nobody likes her sick. And Kuchipatchi says that the machine should do it for her. Lovelin thanked everyone for it. Then Mametchi presses the stop button on the machine and says that everyone can start tomorrow in the morning.

Later that night, somebody sneaks into the studio and the Spacy Brothers appear to be the intruders. Akasupetchi reminded Spaceytchi the chocolate making machine that he heard of. Spaceytchi acknowledged it and proceeds them to get the chocolate. Akasupetchi thought they could ask Lovelin for the chocolate, but Spaceytchi denies it as he proclaims that they are "intergalactic conquers". As Spaceytchi briefly rejects "begging like a commoner", Piposupetchi presses a button on the machine, thus activating the chocolate maker. It startled the brothers, and Spaceytchi tells what did Piposupetchi has done. Akasupetchi suggests that they should get out. Spaceytchi agree and the brothers run away, but the machine was left on.

That morning, the TAMAX-TV is filled up with tons of chocolate boxes, due to the chocolate maker being left on for the entire night. A reporter then documents on the scene, which is much to Mametchi's surprise when he saw it on TV. Back at the chocolate making machine, ADtchi says that the materials must have ran out and stopped automatically. TamaPtchi then wonders what to do with all the chocolate and ADtchi says that there's just too many to clean up. Lovelin seems to take the blame for it. But then, Manenetchi calls out to her and asks her to come outside the studio. The three goes outside the studio and they see people crowding up to the building who are all asking for the chocolate.

Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi enters the area and noticed that Lovelin is giving the chocolate away to the people. Everyone seems to enjoy the chocolate. And it gave Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi relief. Back at the Spacy Brothers rocket, Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi watched the whole thing on TV and noticed the chocolate are disappearing fast. It upset Spaceytchi, as he wanted to eat the chocolate. Just then, they surprisingly notice Piposupetchi on the TV getting Lovelin's chocolate. Piposupetchi eats a chocolate piece and became happy.





"Tamagotchi!" - Lovelin's Chocolate is Everywhere!?11:56

"Tamagotchi!" - Lovelin's Chocolate is Everywhere!?

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