Chocolate! Chocolate! Who Will Get Lovelin's Chocolate? (ソワソワ! ラブリンチョコのゆくえは? Sowasowa! Rabrin choko no yukue ha?) is part 1 of Episode 18 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on February 8, 2010. The episode is written by Aya Matsui.


On a bright, sunny morning, few people are seen cleaning and checking their mailboxes. Somewhere else, three men, Ojitchi, Necktietchi, and Mr. Turtlepedia and the three all exclaim in hype that today is the Valentines Season.

At the Mame Family house, Mametchi seems to be very focused on watching TV. Hapihapitchi asks him on what's he doing and Chamametchi seems to think his brother is acting scary and mad. He replies that he is not and says he is just nervous. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi asks him why, but Mametchi yells out under heavy pressure, asking them to quiet down.

Zooming up to the TV, the show's host proudly introduces the show's guest star, Lovelin. The host comes up to remind today's Valentines Season and Lovelin announces her yearly tradition: her handmade chocolate giveaway. The host questions on who will she give her chocolate to. But Lovelin has yet to make her decision, causing disappointment to the viewers. The host remarks on her statement and questions if he has a chance to get her chocolate, and she says yes. The host says that last year, Lovelin gave her chocolate to a little boy who sent her a fan-letter. She replied that she was feeling down at that time, and the boy's letter cheered her up. Therefore, she decided to give the boy her chocolate on that day.

So now, the host fiercely debates on who will be the lucky person to receive Lovelin's chocolate. The casting crew seems competitive, while Gotchiman enthusiastically knows that Lovelin will choose him. Lovelin then says that she will do her best on making her chocolate. She winks and hopes everyone will like it. All the viewers became determined to win it. Meanwhile, at the Spacy Brothers rocket, the group saw the channel and Spaceytchi wonders what is Valentines. Akasupetchi doesn't know, but states that Lovelin will be giving away her chocolate. Spaceytchi then points out that if they get the chocolate, it will be "one free meal." Akasupetchi complements Spaceytchi on the idea.

Mametchi and Lovelin are seen looking face to face. Lovelin seems to choose Mametchi, and eagerly gave her chocolate to him. Mametchi happily accepts it. Unfortunately, the whole event appears to be a dream and Mametchi is still in the trance, while Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi calls out to him.

At the TAMAX-TV broadcasting building, a flock of trucks arrive with a cargo of letters. All the letters were placed around various rooms of the building, and there were a whole lot of them, much to Lovelin and Manenetchi's surprise, and Manenetchi states it's all because of the boy who sent Lovelin the fan letter.

Meanwhile, Gotchiman is performing; unleashes his signature beam attack, the Gotchi Beam. The scene cuts, and TamaPtchi was pleased with the success. ADtchi tells TamaPtchi that now they have to shoot Lovelin's scene. Gotchiman overheared it in question. Lovelin starts to come in and greets to everyone, drawing attention to everyone in the room. TamaPtchi seems to be flirting with Lovelin, but ADtchi cuts in and offers her a seat. Then Gotchiman comes up to her and tells on TamaPtchi that Lovelin would rather have himself. But then another casting staff comes up and shows Lovelin his leaf colors, which are painted to look like the shape and color of Lovelin's chocolate. The situation eventually escalates into a quarrel over Lovelin, and Manenetchi states that everyone is getting desperate. But understands since it's only because Lovelin is very popular.

Class time begins at Tamagotchi School. As Memetchi reads to the class, all the boys starts to think of gifts. Mametchi is mesmerized as well, but gets snapped out of it by Grippatchi and she tries to make him get on track. Mametchi blurted out that he wants Lovelin's chocolate, but then he answered "felt chocolate". That only invoked laughter in the classroom, much to Grippatchi's disappointment. At the break, Mametchi apologizes to his friends as he couldn't stop thinking about Lovelin's chocolate. Makiko says that Mametchi isn't the only one thinking about chocolate, since she's aware that all the other boys want them as well. Then Memetchi comments on boys always being determined that they'll get Lovelin's chocolate.

Back at the TAMAX-TV another batch of trucks arrive. This time, a cargo of gift boxes. Just like the fan-letters, they are placed around various rooms including Lovelin's room. Lovelin and Manenetchi were flattered again. At a street, the Lovelin's Tour Bus is being followed by a crowd of fans carrying gifts who are trying to give to Lovelin. Inside the car, Lovelin seems to be very flattered.

Night falls. At the TamaCafe, Lovemamalitchi is teaching her daughter Lovelitchi on how to make chocolate. Memetchi, Makiko, and Flowertchi are inside at the couch.Lovepapalitchi comes into room with a basket and presents it to Lovelitchi. The basket is filled with colored mushrooms and asks if they look delicious. But Lovelitchi and Lovemamalitchi says they do not, implying that mushrooms don't go weill with chocolate. Lovepapalitchi was disappointed to hear that.

Memetchi asks Lovelitchi if she already chose who will receive her chocolate. But under heavy flattery, Lovelitchi still hasn't decided who. Lovelitchi says everyone is still contemplating on her chocolate. She is aware that she has to decide who to give the chocolate to so that the competition for her chocolate can finally come to an end. But she still couldn't come to her conclusion. Makiko points it out to her by saying that it means everybody loves her. Then Memetchi tells her to follow her heart and Flowertchi says that everyone will understand her. Lovelitchi was relieved to her that and she thanked the girls for talking with her. The three girls were glad to hear her thanks.

The next morning, Lovelin announces to everyone that she is now about to deliver her chocolate to a "very special tamagotch". When the camera zooms out, Papamametchi is seen, much to Mametchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitchi's surprise. Lovelin makes her decision. The winner is: Tamagotchi Planet. As everyone was surprised, Lovelin explains that everybody has been spending time living on it. Yet, they all forget how much they owe to the planet. So she decided to choose the planet itself, by giving it her giant homemade chocolate. Lovelin and Papamametchi launches the chocolate at the planet's mouth and it happily eats it.





"Tamagotchi!" - Chocolate! Chocolate! Who Will Get Lovelin's Chocolate?11:29

"Tamagotchi!" - Chocolate! Chocolate! Who Will Get Lovelin's Chocolate?

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