Chop! Gotchi Slices! (ズバッ! ごっちがきる! Zuba~tsu! Gotchi ga kiru!) is part 1 of episode 14 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 11, 2010. It is written by Yukiyoshi Oohashi.


The episode is presented as a role-playing historical fiction set in a location similar to feudal Japan. The characters seen in this episode are portrayed by the characters from the show.

[Unnamed Memetchi character role] (portrayed as Memetchi) reads a scroll containing a schedule for Princess Lovelin (portrayed as Lovelin). Her schedule consists of flower arrangement lessons, tea lessons after lunch, skipping over snack time, and Japanese harp lessons. Princess Lovelin and her pet, The Royal  HapiHapitchi, grew tired of her chores and wanted to go outside. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] (portrayed as Kuchipatchi) said that she must do her schedule so that she won't get in trouble. Princess Lovelin still wouldn't stand it.

Then Princess Lovelin starts looking through a telescope stand. As she complains more of her chores, she surveys the town and sees Villager Makiko and Villager Flowertchi come out of the shop, being happy with the stuff they bought. Princess Lovelin then became very upset. Despite that [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] still wouldn't allow it, [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] reluctantly allows her to go into town. But he says that she must disguise herself. Princess Lovelin and [Unnamed Hapihapitchi character role] became happy.

So Princess Lovelin changes her kimono and left the castle. [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] tries to keep up with her, [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] trips over. Meanwhile, Mametchi no Suke (portrayed as Mametchi) is practicing his slashing techniques with his katana. He focuses with his eyes closed, then cuts up hay stands in lightning swift slashes. Dorotchi complemented on his attack. Then Mametchi no Suke goes out to patrol the town. The scene then switches to the room of Emperor Kikitchi , where he and Empress Chamametchi are inside. Emperor Kikitchi calls out to Togetchi (portrayed as himself) and asks to know where Lovelin is. He said that she's nowhere to be seen in the castle. Emperor seemed to acknowledge it and ordered him to find her.

At town, Princess Lovelin enjoys their surroundings. Then she spots [[Unnamed Makiko character role] and [[Unnamed Flowertchi character role]. She comes up to say hello and asks what they are eating. The light green melon-like food they're eating are "Creamy Melon Mochy". Wanting to try it, she and [Unnamed Hapihapitchi character role] asks [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role]. But the two said she can't eat food from the market because her father won't approve. She says that he won't know if he's not told on. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] still denies it. Princess Lovelin got very upset and wails manically. The two had no choice but to buy food for her to eat.

Princess Lovelin managed to get the melon. She tries to eat one, but [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] tells her that he must test it out for "poison". He the melon whole, and Princess Lovelin was horrified. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] concludes the melons aren't really poisoned. Unfortunately, he ate all the melons under his tempting appetite, making Princess Lovelin very upset. Now she got a lot of melons. She eats one and became happy of the flavor. [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and HapiHapitchi (The royal pet)was eating the melons too. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role], however, was heavily disappointed when he had to spend all of his money.

Later, Makiko and Flowertchi discover a beautiful kimono which is the latest design. The kimono is red and orange with cheetah print pattern, with a decorative blue butterfly on the waist and fur lining around the neck. Princess Lovelin cuts in, and was also interested in the kimono. The two girls chatter on with the kimono, while [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] became speechless. Then it became worse for the two them when Princess Lovelin got upset over it. So, coming out of a dressing room stall, Lovelin tries on the kimono. Unfortunately, she quickly lost interest and threw it away.

Meanwhile, Togetchi searches for Princess Lovelin. Shifting back to her, she continues browsing around town. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] says that they should return to the castle soon. But Princess Lovelin doesn't want to come back just yet. [Unnamed Memetchi character role] said that she promised not to stay out too long, but she still denies it.

Then, somebody screamed. Upon further inspection, three thieves have stolen something and are on the run. And "Detective" (portrayed as Kuromametchi), Mimitchi, and Ringotchi are on the chase. Princess Lovelin became curious over it, and decided to follow the thieves, despite that [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] wouldn't allow her to be involved in any trouble. The two follow her, while [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] trips on the way.

The chase party arrive at a bridge and lost the thieves. According to "Detective", the thieves stole an "Exotic Treasure from the West". Afterwards, they continue to search for the thieves. Princess Lovelin eavesdropped them. But [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] says that she shouldn't get involved. Princess Lovelin still wants to catch the thieves. Then HapiHapitchi (The royal pet) came over to the three, saying that she found the thieves. Princess Lovelin follows her, while [Unnamed Memetchi character role] and [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] tries to get her to stop; [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] trips over again.

HapiHapitchi led Princess Lovelin to a house in disrepair. Princess Lovelin decided to go investigate. Elsewhere, Togetchi is still looking for Princess Lovelin. Then the scene shifts into the decrepit house, where the three thieves are there. Princess Lovelin peeks out of a broken floor on the side. She sees the thieves with the exotic western treasure. After the bearded thief puts away the loot, he left the building along with his two minions. So now, the gang went inside, where they stop at a giant gold statue resembling a ninja Tamagotchi. They search for the treasure, and [Unnamed Memetchi character role] manages to find it under a floor plank. Now, Princess Lovelin says that she must turn it in to "Detective". Princess Lovelin headed out the door. [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role] tries to go after her, but he trips once again.

Princess Lovelin looked back at [Unnamed Kuchipatchi character role]. Then, the three thieves appear at the door, catching the four red-handed. They all ran away with the treasure. They tried to escape, but the thieves got them all boxed it. A thief walks up to them and demanded to hand over the box. Princess Lovelin wouldn't allow it. So then the thief had to take matters into his own hands and swipe it away from her. Suddenly, a fan was thrown at the thief's arm. The person who threw it walks up to the thieves, dressed in a blue robe. As the thieves demanded that person to identified himself, the camera shift revealed to be Mametchi no Suke, master swordsman of Gotchi Castle. The thieves draw out their swords and surrounded him. Then they all charge into him. But in swift lightning slashes, he defeated them all.

"Detective" arrives at the scene and he and his chase squad have detained the thieves. Mametchi no Suke, standing before the four, says goodbye to Princess Lovelin, then walks away. Princess Lovelin adored him. Then Togetchi comes in and found her. He tells Princess Lovelin that Emperor Kikitchi is looking for her.

Back at the castle, Princess Lovelin arrive at Emperor Kikitchi's chamber to see what she wants from him. He mentioned the rare shipment of the western treasure. As he calls out to somebody, Togetchi comes in with a box (the same box from earlier). Upon opening it, the contents inside are donuts with different toppings. As Emperor Kikitchi fans himself (he somewhat has a delight face on him), Empress Chamametchi offered her share of the donuts. Princess Lovelin picked up a donut and smiled.





Tamagotchi adventures (chop! gotchi slices!)11:55

Tamagotchi adventures (chop! gotchi slices!)


  • The episode is a show directed by TamaPtchi.
  • This was the first time mild violence was featured in Tamagotchi!, where Mametchi no Suke attacked the thieves with his sword.

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