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blue kakeibo with green stylus

The Chou Yakikuri Enjoi! Tamagotchi Kakeibo (超やりくりエンジョイ!たまごっちかけいぼ), is a Tamagotchi account book for the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus released in 2005. It is not known as a Tamagotchi, since it is used to manage money for Entama and Uratama. It is rare and moderately expensive. The only available colors for the Kakeibo is pink with a orange stylus and blue with a green stylus. They each come with a accountant binder. Kakeibo translated means money book.



Osewatchi is the main character on the Kakeibo and is Ginza's most famous resident. She is very helpful and runs on a schedule.

Osewatchi's schedule:

  • 9:00 Osewatchi gets out of bed, and eats
  • 9:30 Zamasutchi tells non-shop news
  • 10:30 Wakaokutchi tells shop news
  • 11:00 Osewatchi goes out shopping
  • 11:30 Osewatchi tells item new
  • 12:00 Osewatchi eats
  • 13:00 Dangoobatchi tells stock market news
  • 15:00 Osewatchi has a snack
  • 16:00 Osewatchi goes out shopping
  • 17:00 Wakaokutchi tells shop news
  • 18:00 something special happens on your birthday
  • 18:30 Zamasutchi tells non-shop news
  • 19:00 Osewatchi eats
  • 19:30 Osewatchi bath time
  • 20:00 Osewatchi brushes teeth
  • 21:30 Osewatchi goes to bed

Waka Okutchi-san

Waka Okutchi-san owns and runs the Gotchi Library.

Dango Obatchi-san

Dango Obatchi-san runs the Gotchi Ginza Bank.


The drug store clerk

Drug Store Man

The drug store man does not have a name. He resembles a pill.

Ginza Street

Ginza Street is basically a place on the Tamagotchi Kakeibo that supplies you with extra shops,etc for Entama. When you buy something from a store on the Kakeibo, you recieve a code in which you input it in your Entama and have that item now to use.

Drug Store

A place where you can purchase basic items of medicine for use when Tamagotchi is sick.

Convenience Store

This store stocks the things the regular Tamagotchi holds, such as foods, flowers and music items.


purchasing a flower in the flower shop

Flower Shop

To cheer up the character on Entama/Uratama, it is possible to buy flowers and present them to them.

Cake Shop

Sells a variety of cakes which can be bought for the Tamagotchi.


Fish sold at the Ginza Supermarket

Ginza Supermarket

A store that sells a large portion of great items, including clothes.

Discount Store

At this shop players can buy a variety of foods and drinks for a discount price compared to the Convenience store.

Gotchi Bank

The Gotchi Bank is for depositing money for later usage. A four digit pin must be in order to access the bank. The bank master is Dango Obatchi-san.

There are also two settings for the Gotchi Bank:

  • Regular Savings
  • Super Savings

After entering those options players will be taken to a new screen were these options are applicable.

  • Deposit
  • View Balance
  • Withdraw

Another feature to the banking system is that players can also invest in a stock and watch it fall and grow. The options are either:

  • Look
  • Buy
  • Sell

How to become rich

When stocks were low, players can spend money buying stocks. When stocks are high, sell and deposit the money into the bank (until each account was full). After a few cycles of this, players can become rich.

Example: (1) start. Assets = 0 stocks, 1000 cash, 0 long term, 0 short term, 0 savings (2) buy stocks at 200 each. Assets = 5 stocks, 0 cash, 0 long term, 0 short term, 0 savings (3) sell stocks at 2400 each. Assets = 0 stocks, 12000 cash, 0 long term, 0 short term, 0 saving (4) buy stocks at 200 each. Assets = 60 stocks, 0 cash, 0 long term, 0 short term, 0 saving (5) sell stocks at 2400 each. Assets = 0 stocks, 144000 cash, 0 long term, 0 short term, 0 saving

Store Hours

  • Supermarket: open 9:00 - 20:00, closed on Saturday, has a sale on Monday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Discount Store: open 10:00 - 21:00, closed on Sunday, has a sale on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Convenience Store: open 24 hours a day, doesn't close any day of the week, doesn't have sales.
  • Flower Shop: open 7:30 - 19:00, closed on Monday, has a sale on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Cake Shop: open 8:00 - 18:00, closed on Tuesday, has a sale on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Drug Store: open 10:00 - 22:00, closed on Wednesday, has a sale on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Gotchi Library

Gotchi Library is a dictionary players keep. It records which Tamagotchi characters they have discovered on their Entama and Uratama.

YariKuri Center

Allows buying and selling for more GP or items.

Management Office/Main Menu

  • Parameter displays the Tamagotchi's name, age and GUTS points levels.
  • Connect leads to the connecting menu.
  • Treasure chest brings players to attempt to sell an item from Osewatchi's inventory in the flea market.
  • Verbal communications replay the shop or neighborhood news if players have missed it or forgot what they said.

Vacant Lot

Where players may find a street vendor has parked his cart in the vacant lot between 6:00 - 7:00, or 21:30 - 22:30. If Osewatchi is asleep during these times, tap the center of the screen to wake her up.


Some of the shops may have a sale on items at certain times. Sale prices can be 20 - 1000 Gotchi points below regular price. You can recognize whether a shop is having a sale by the presence of a balloon flying near the shop entrance.

Ginza Street Arcade

This is where players can play games in order to get gotchi points and very rarely itmes.

Kakeibo dodge ball game points

  • 0-2 = 0
  • 3-9 = 50
  • 10-39 = 200
  • 40-59 = 500
  • 60-79 = 1000
  • 80-99 = 1500
  • 100 = 2000 (perfect game)

Account book cards

The account book cards are simple to use, the player may use them for anything, but the most popular reason for using them is when the Tamagotchi gets old and they want them to find a soul mate, they use the dating card to summon the Matchmaker.