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Club Tamagotchi (クラブたまごっち Kurabu Tamagotchi) is an online Tamagotchi Club for Tamagotchi iD and Tamagotchi iD L. It is also part of Banafes! Town, an online Japanese anime gaming community.

Club Tamagotchi can be viewed on both PC, on Tamagotchi Channel, and mobile on But when accessing, it can not be accessed outside Japan. However it can be accessed with any Smartphone (ex: Android phone), even outside Japan.

Tamagotchi! Town

Main article: Tamagotchi! Town

Tamagotchi iD L Special Monthly Downloads

Every month a special batch of Tamagotchi iD L downloads are created and can only be downloaded by Club Tamagotchi members. Most of the downloads are seasonal or based on Tamagotchi characters.

Downloads like Room (living) can be downloaded even after months have passed since it was released. But all rooms have to be bought with points, around 60 points. But if the room is an old download, it will be around 200 points.


Online PC Games

  • Perotchi's Cake Shop (ぺろっちのけーきやさん Perotchi no Kēki-ya-san)

Online Mobile Games

  • Tamamo-Roulette (たまもルーレット Tamamo Rūretto)
  • Melodytchi's Wonderful Recital (メロディっちのワンダフルリサイタル Meroditchi no Wandafuru Risaitaru)
  • Kuchipatchi's Special Jump Rope Training (くちぱっちのなわとび特訓 Kuchipatchi no Nawatobi Tokkun)
  • Perotchi's Cake Shop (ぺろっちのけーきやさん Perotchi no Kēki-ya-san)

Voting Polling

Every week a question is posted by Bandai Japan for members to answer. Once answered the user gets 20 free points added to their account. After a week, the answers to the question are posted, along with the amount of votes.


  • Every time a user logs into their account on mobile or PC, they get 5 free points added to there account. This only works once a day.

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