For the male teen-stage character of the same name who debuted on the Tamagotchi P's, see Cosmotchi.

Cosmotchi video adventures
Cosmotchi is a male Tamagotchi character who exclusively appears on the Tamagotchi Video Adventures VHS. He was created by Bandai America and has not been used in any Japanese material.

He is a professor and chief curator of the Tamagotchi Museum. He is also the only Tamagotchi to speak English consistently throughout the cartoon, thanks to a translator Mimitchi turned on at the beginning (breaking the fourth wall).


Cosmotchi is much larger than the other Tamagotchi characters. He has a black body with stick arms and legs, and white eyes. His mouth is almost never seen. He wears a purple and green garment with a large green swirl on the front, and a purple helmet with green tubes coming out of it.


Cosmotchi is very friendly and caring to the other Tamagotchis, and he often talks to them in a gentle and fatherly tone. However, he is somewhat afraid of the Great Gotchi and hates it when he yells. He is also a bit clumsy and forgetful. He is curious interested in Earth, and loves looking at the objects the Tamagotchis brought for the museum. He has a lot of heart and is touched by the kind spirit of humans.


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