Dcd machine

The game machine.

Data Carddass Tamagotchi Rhythm♪ (データカードダス たまごっちリズム♪) is a collectible card arcade game in Bandai's Data Carddass series related to Tamagotchi series. It is the follow-up of Tamagotchi! Data Carddass. The series ran from November 2012 until September 2013. The mascot of this series is also known as the Tama-fied game machine, Tamariztchi.


The cardlists are divided into two sections: The front side for the Data Carddass machine, and the back side for the Data Carddass applications on various devices.






データカードダス たまごっちリズム♪

データカードダス たまごっちリズム♪

Tama Riz Edition demonstration video

データカードダス たまごっちリズム♪プレイ動画 どんちゃん&台東くん

データカードダス たまごっちリズム♪プレイ動画 どんちゃん&台東くん


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