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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

All four designs of the Debirutch no Tamagotch.

Debirutch no Tamagotch (デビルっちのたまごっち, also known as the Devilgotchi) is a Tamagotchi release which debuted in Japan in September 1998. The Devilgotchi has no English release except for the cell phone application.

Shell Design

The shell of the Devilgotchi is similar to that of the Angelgotchi. Like the Angelgotchi, it has wings on either side of the screen, but they are devil wings rather than angel wings. There are four shell designs - purple and white with red buttons, black with white buttons, pink with yellow buttons, and white with black buttons. Each shell design has the word "Devilgotch" on the top.


Devil Power


Screenshot of DP

Devil Power ("DP") is a measurement of how naughty the user's Devilgotchi character is. The DP level will gradually raise over time. The player must refrain from allowing the DP to reach 100. The higher the DP, the more likely the Devilgotchi character is to do something naughty. When such a deed is done, it will beep for attention, and the screen colors will be inverted. If the DP is not lowered before reaching 90 or higher, a Bad End will be triggered. Some of the naughty things that the Devil may do include:

  • Not allowing the user to see the Health Meter.
  • Throwing Pie at the user after trying to feed it.
  • Pretending to eat Chocolate.
  • Pretending to take a nap during the game.
  • Refusing to let the user clean poop off the screen.
  • General bad deed - similar to a discipline call.

When the Devil does anything mischievious, users must select the Kamidanomi (Discipline) icon, represented by an angel, to scold it and lower DP. If the Tamagotchi becomes DevilDoritchi and stays that way for at least six days with zero Hungry, zero Friendship, and over 80 DP doing a bad deed and not being punished will evolve into KingDeviltchi when the icon times out.



Devil Smiling

A new icon, Handshake (represented by a black hand) is included. Sometimes Deviltchi will try to be friends with the user by extending its hand and offering to shake theirs. When this happens, the Deviltchi will beep and the attention icon will light up, and the devil will appear smiling at the screen. Reciprocate by using the handshake icon. This will also decrease the DP number. In the case of DevilMametchi who has been alive for six days at minimum, handshaking while the DP is one or zero will result in immediate evolution to KuriDevitchi, an angel-like Devil Tamagotchi.



Falling Star Game

Move the Devilgotchi character back and forth across the bottom of the screen. Use the A and B buttons to drop a star toward it. If the character manages to catch four stars, it gains two Friend stars. If the character misses all four stars, his DP level goes up by 5.


During certain times and phases, special events will happen. There are 12 different events in all and different characters will have different events. When an event happens, the toy will beep.


There are two ways a Devil Tamagotchi will leave and return to Devil World in Planet Tamagotchi.

By neglecting it and letting its DP rise to 90 or higher, it will go through a Bad End.

Of old age, the character will be acting sad. By pushing a button, a curtain will come down and reveal the words Good Friend. If the Friendship meter is full, and DP is over 7, there is a chance that Devilkotchi will become FutagoDeviltchi shortly before saying goodbye.

KuriDevitchi is instead escorted home by two Kuriten before Good Friend appears. KuriDevitchi's ending is referenced in the Keitai and Akai models' death scene - By allowing a Tamagotchi to pass away/return home/become an egg again with the special gravestone, the Tamagotchi will be escorted skyward by two Kuriten instead of floating skyward, and Obaketchi is replaced by Kuriten on the death screen, who floats around the special gravestone.


Main article: Debirutch no Tamagotch/Character List

Growth Chart

Tamagotchi Devil does not necessarily have any fixed growth patterns. Evolutions are completely dependent on DP.

When the elementary devil arrives, it will stay for 4 days before becoming an intermediate devil. 5 days later it will become an advanced devil. If certain conditions are met within 6 days, it may become a secret character.

"Soft Screws"

One problem commonly found on the Debirutch no Tamagotch release is "Soft Screws" - the screws holding the battery hatch on are soft, and their heads can be broken off easily. Attempts to remove damaged screws can further damage the toy.

Cell Phone Release

Tamagotchi Monster


Screenshot of Tamagotchi Monster

Debirutch no Tamagotch was modified and released for cell phones on March 6, 2006. It was later released worldwide in May 2008 in Europe as Tamagotchi Monster. The difference between the two is that Devil Power ("DP") is now called Monster Power ("MP"), and the toilet icon (an image of buttocks with devil wings) is replaced with a roll of black toilet paper.


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