Devil Zuccitchi

(ズキデビっち Zukidebitchi)

DevilZuccitchi tah
Genders and Releases:
Devil World
Zukidebiritchi sprite

Devil Zuccitchi (ズキデビっち Zukidebitchi) is a character that appears exclusively on the Debirutch no Tamagotch.


Devil Zuccitchi resembles Zuccitchi, though it has a gray body, red cowl, and black devil wings.


Despite its devilish appearance, Devil Zuccitchi is actually quite shy and often hides beneath its cowl. Because of this timid personality, it's weak to the temptation of the angels.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Debirutch no Tamagotch

Devil Zuccitchi is one of two Stage 1 devils the user can obtain at the start (the other being Deviltchi). Devil Zuccitchi can become either Ghost Deviltchi or Chubby Deviltchi.


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