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Do You Remember, Flowertchi? (おぼえてる?ふらわっち Oboe Teru? Furawatchi) is the seventh episode of the Let's Go! Tamagotchi series. The episode was directed by Yuji Asada and written by Aya Matsui.



It's recess time, and the boys are out playing soccer, with Mametchi having control of the ball. Kuchipatchi, Tosakatchi, Togetchi, and Gozarutchi chase after him. While playing soccer, both Memetchi and Violetchi (Flowertchi) are watering the flowers nearby. Memetchi then asks Flowertchi if she remembers "that day". She reminds her that it was the very first day that she and Memetchi had became friends.

A flashback follows, as we see Flowertchi taking care of the flowers. A nearby voice (supposedly Mametchi's) shouts "Hey!" as a soccer ball flies past, right to Violetchi's direction! She tries to defend herself from the ball hitting her or the flower, but suddenly Memetchi jumps towards her and catches the ball, sliding all across the plants. Flowertchi rushes over and sees that the plants are ruined after Memetchi had caught the ball.

Memetchi asks Flowertchi if she's okay following the incident, not knowing of her name. Flowertchi then states her name, to which Memetchi can finally recall who she is. Flowertchi, distraught after realizing the ruination of her flowers, tries her best to fix them and "have them back like before". Throughout this, Memetchi attempts to apologize to her after what she did, but Flowertchi is too busy trying to fix the flowers that she couldn't be able to accept her apology.

Realizing that she won't accept her apology, Memetchi yells at Flowertchi, implying that she was trying to say that she was sorry. Flowertchi says sorry for not noticing, but Memetchi walks off, saying that she was the one who was apologizing in the situation, leaving Flowertchi upset.

Later in the day, Flowertchi is still trying to fix the flowers that were ruined from earlier, as Memetchi goes up to her and lends her different tools that could help fix the flowers. Flowertchi is happy that Memetchi chose to offer her help. A series of events follow after Memetchi and Flowertchi met, such as Memetchi introducing her to the other classmates, playing soccer, studying, and having a picnic. And in class, from one of the vases, Flowertchi uses one of the flowers to pin onto Memetchi's head, symbolizing their friendship.

The flashback ends, and Memetchi and Flowertchi are laughing after noticing the good times they had. The same scenario from the flashback follows as a soccer ball is seen flying from above, heading towards the two girls. But when Memetchi attempts to save Flowertchi from her getting hit by the ball and ruining the flowers (just like when they met), Flowertchi hits the ball from out the air as Memetchi trips while trying to save her friend. She then warns Togetchi to be more careful with the flowers the next time something like that happens.

Flowertchi asks if Memetchi is okay, to which Memetchi claims that she seems a lot more different than how she remembers her from the past. Flowertchi knows that it must be thanks to "someone's help" that she's changed this way. She then offers her hand to help Memetchi up and they laugh together to end the episode.

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