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Genders and Appearances:

Doyakentchi (どやけんっち Doyakentchi) is a male Tama Pet that can be adopted on the Tamagotchi P's.


Doyakentchi looks like a brown dog with darker ears resembling Doyatchi's hair. He also has similar eyes and the same mouth as Doyatchi.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

Doyakentchi is Doyatchi's Tama Pet. In episode 13, Doyatchi brings Doyakentchi to a Tama Pet competition.

Name Origin

His name comes from Doya (どや) which is from the name of Doyatchi. The second part of his name may come from yaken (やけん) or kenshu (けんしゅ). Yaken actually means a dog with no owner, but kenshu can mean any type of purebred dog.

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