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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.

An example of an Entama

The Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus (超じんせーエンジョイ!たまごっちプラス Chou Jinsei Enjoi! Tamagotchi Purasu) also known as the Entama (エンたま) for short, is a Tamagotchi release that debuted in Japan on November 25, 2005. It was the first Tamagotchi release to include Internet functions, and includes a new shell design that features an antenna with a ball at the tip.

The Entama introduced the Skill Points (or GUTS Points) and Family (or Zoku) concepts, and included four character families: Mamezoku, Memezoku, Kuchizoku, and Hatenazoku. There is a total of 58 characters (42 basic characters; 3 secret characters; 3 oldies (plus Oyajitchi); and 10 Hatenazoku, also known as Call Dating Service characters).

New Features

One of the new features of the Entama is the "Cooking" Function (third option in the second icon). The food items are separate from the Meals and the Snacks. Also, the food items are separated into three groups, Intelligence or Mamezoku, Style or Memezoku and Kindness or Kuchizoku (In which Mamezoku can only cook Mamezoku items and so forth). Since there are no Hatenazoku food items, Hatenazoku are not able to cook.

The Entama has a somewhat different "aging time" than the Connexion/Connection Tamagotchis. The Entama takes much longer to age to give time to raise Skill points (GUTS Points).

The Entama is life-like in the sense that the Tamagotchis can go to school and work. When the baby evolves into a toddler, it will enter Tamagotchi Preschool where it will meet Ms. Frill (フリルせんせい). Then, after graduating, the character will enter Tamagotchi School and meet (Mr. Turtlepedia, Ms. Flower (フラワせんせい)or Mr. Canvas (カンパスせんせい). The class the character enters depends on its highest Skill point category. Every day, the teacher will come and let the character choose one of three boxes that contains an icon (pencil for intelligence, Star for Style, and Flower for Kindness). If successful, the character will get 10 points for the icon category. Two days after the character evolves into an adult, it will graduate and receives a mail for a job interview. If rejected, the character would then be given more chances.

There are 3 games on the Entama, each belonging to the skill groups. The first game is a card matching game, which increases the Intelligence category. The second game is a clothes-catching game (very similar to "Get The Notes" on the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus). Playing this will increase Style points. The third and last game is a hammer game, which involves hitting the triangle with a hammer to knock the building down to retrieve the baby from the top. It increases Kindness points.


Memetchi visits E-Tamago (Japanese TamaTown).

Unlike the Connexion/Connection Tamagotchis, the Entama does not have a "Shop" feature. Instead a Street Vendor (Ojitchi) brings items for the character to buy. The Street Vendor only brings one item at a time and visits twice a day (11 AM and 5 PM). The user is given a choice if they want to buy the item that the Street Vendor brought or not. Alternatively, one can buy a Street Vendor Calling Item, which can be purchased in the TamaTama Market on E-Tamago.

Removed Functions

The Entama is the first ever Tamagotchi to remove two of the original primary functions: the discipline and the light switch. The Entama will turn the lights off itself at the appropriate times. The standard discipline was removed and replaced by Groups- Intelligence, Style and Kindness.

Special Edition Entamas

There are three special edition Entamas. The actual gameplay is identical to that of regular Entamas except where noted.

  • CYOI Entama - This came in various shell designs. It has all the functions as any Entama, the only difference in the actual gameplay is that it has three different games (Book Balancing, Eye glass matching, and Healing a Flower). The difference in the design is that the beads are shaped like four-petaled flowers and have "CYOI" on them rather than "TMGC".
  • Tama Depa Entama - This Entama was only available at Tama Depa stores in Japan, and had a special Tama Depa-themed packaging and shell design.
  • Ciao Entama - To celebrate 30 years of the company Ciao, three special shell designs of Entamas were released: One with Mametchi, one with Memetchi, and one with Kuchipatchi.

Seasonal Animations

Sometimes the Entama shows the user's character next to an object or scenery. These are called Seasonal Animations. These happen every once in a while when the character is idle. When the user presses the (A) button on the Entama, the animation disappears but occurs again at another time.

List of Seasonal Animations

  • January 1 to 3- New Year Rice Cake Festival
  • March 1 to 3- Doll Festival
  • April 1 to 7- Cherry Blossom Viewing (Oyajitchi has a slightly different one)
  • July 1 to 30- Wind Chime Festival
  • August 3 to 9- Fireworks Festival
  • September 15 to 19- Full Moon Viewing
  • December 20 to 25- Talking Christmas Tree
  • December 24- Santa Clause Visits
  • Birthday (The set date of the user's birthday)



Visitors are guest characters that come to play games or sell items to the Tamagotchi. There are many visitors that come to the Entama.

List of Visitors

Daily Events

There are many events that happen everyday on the Entama, usually including the visitors.

List of Daily Events

  • 9:00 AM - Wake, Mail Delivery (Newspaper)
  • 10:30 AM - Preschool (Toddler)
  • 10:30 AM - Teacher (Teen)
  • 10:30 AM - Match Maker (Adult with job for 24 hours)
  • 11:00 AM - Street Vendor
  • 3:00 PM - Preschool (Toddler)
  • 3:00 PM - Teacher (Teen)
  • 3:00 PM - Match Maker (Adult with job for 24 hours)
  • 4:00 PM - Mail Delivery (Letter)
  • 5:00 PM - Street Vendor
  • 6:00 PM - Preschool (Toddler)
  • 6:00 PM - Teacher (Teen)
  • 7:00 PM - Match Maker (Adult)
  • 8:00 PM - Sleep (Toddler, Senior)
  • 9:00 PM - Sleep (Teen)
  • 10:00 PM - Sleep (Adult, Special)

Unfixed Events

Unlike the Daily Events, these events happen at unfixed times. Instead these events happen every 24 hours or before or after evolution. Here is the complete chronologically arranged list.

List of Unfixed Time Events

  • Preschool Entrance
  • Preschool Graduation
  • School Entrance (Class Selection)
  • School Graduation
  • Job Entrance (Job Selection)
  • Salary Delivery

List of Careers

When the Entama characters reach adult stage and graduate from school, they are able to get a career. A letter comes in the mail containing a list of jobs. Some job coupons are required to unlock some jobs; these are displayed as "????". After selecting a job, the Tamagotchi King's servants will interview the character. They will either raise up an "O" or an "X". If all three servants raise up an " O", the character passes the interview and will recieve an item related to the selected job. If one or more servants raise up an "X", the character is rejected and another letter with jobs will appear after a while. The highest GUTS Points category affects the job offered.

List of career statuses:

  • Scientist
  • Television announcer
  • Schoolteacher
  • Medical doctor
  • Bank clerk
  • Recording artist
  • Fashion designer
  • Baker
  • Hair stylist
  • Flower shop salesman
  • Hot springs bath attendant
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Policeman
  • Train station attendant
  • Chef
  • Weatherman
  • Crossing guard
  • Barker
  • Garbage man
  • Gotchi King's castle servant
  • Kindergarten student
  • School intelligence student
  • School fashion student
  • School kindness student
  • Kindergarten candidate
  • Kindergarten graduate
  • School graduate
  • Unemployed

Salary and Rank

When the Tamagotchi first starts its job, it is ranked as a 1 star worker ( the rank can be viewed at the third status screen). Stars (ranks) affect how much you get for your salary. The Tamagotchi is able to have 3 stars maximum. To have 2 stars, the Tamagotchi must have done its job 100 times. To get 3 stars, the Tamagotchi must have done its job a total of 400 times.

  • 1000 points per day
  • 3000 points per day
  • 5000 points per day


See Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus Character List



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