Funkorogatchi tah


Genders and Appearances:
Mushitchi Forest
Funkorogatchi sprite Funkorogatchi sprite SNES Funkorogatchi sprite GB

Funkorogatchi (フンコロガっち) is an adult Mushitchi that debuted on the Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch.


Funkorogatchi has a round body. He is mostly purple, but his face area is pale peach. He has wing-like arms, two stubby legs, and large antennae on the top of his head.


Funkorogatchi often lives in farms and fields. He lives on poop with special nutrients in it. Sometimes he plays with his own poop by rolling it around, and he can eat it as well.

On Virtual Pets

Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch

Funkorogatchi is obtained from keeping Imotchi at a low weight, and once it evolves into Mayutchi, allow the temperature to stay cold. Once it evolves into Funkorogatchi, poo becomes an option in the Food menu.

Name Origin

Funkorogatchi's name is coined from "Funkorogashi", which is Japanese for dung beetle.

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