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Mushitchi Forest
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Funkorogatchi (フンコロガっち) is an adult Mushitchi that debuted on the Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch.


Funkorogatchi has a round body. He is mostly purple, but his face area is pale peach. He has wing-like arms, two stubby legs, and large antennae on the top of his head.


Funkorogatchi often lives in farms and fields. He lives on poop with special nutrients in it. Sometimes he plays with his own poop by rolling it around, and he can eat it as well.

On Virtual Pets

Mori de Hakken! Tamagotch

Funkorogatchi is one of the two adults obtained from Cocoon D, which results from keeping Imotchi at a low weight regardless of the care given, and is considered the unhealthiest adult on the device. Once it evolves into Mayutchi, keeping the temperature cold will result in it evolving into Funkorogatchi.

Funkorogatchi is the only adult who will eat poo - should it pop up on the food menu for any other adult, they will refuse to eat it.

In Video Games

Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2

Funkorogatchi debuted on the second Game Boy game as a somewhat unhealthy adult, evolving from Mayutchi if Chobitamatchi has high stress and medium selfishness or if Minotchi has high stress and low to medium selfishness. Funkorogatchi has the lowest base lifespan of any adult in the game.

Funkorogatchi likes acorns and dislikes apples, sleeps from 9pm to 8am and its highest beauty contest score is 75. Its death screen features a pile of poo with a hitaikakushi floating with its spirit.

Name Origin

Funkorogatchi's name is coined from "Funkorogashi", which is Japanese for dung beetle.