Anime version of baby form Fuwamokotchi.

Fuwamokotchi (ふわもこっち) is a rare phoenix Tamagotchi that appears in episode 131 of the anime Tamagotchi! and is voiced by Kana Uetake. Fuwamokotchi later evolves in the episode.

The only words Fuwamokotchi says when in baby form is Mama (マーマー), but after evolving it says Saa Kamukamu (サアー カムカム).

Name Origin

Fuwamokotchi's name comes from the two Japanese Onomatopoeia of fluffy. Fuwafuwa (ふわふわ) means fluffy like a whipped cream or a marshmallow, even bunnies. Mokomoko (もこもこ) means fluffy like a cloud or a cotton ball. Fuwamoko (ふわもこ) is often used to describe soft and fluffy clothing.


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