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Tamagotchi manga-2

Cover of the first volume.

GOGO! Tama Tama Tamagotchi (GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち) is a manga series writen by Yascorn and published by Shogakukan.

The first book released in Japan on the 28th of November, 2005, and the last on the 19th of September, 2009. Releasing eleven books in total, at 600 Yen each (Limited edition 400 Yen). The series also continued online, along with OVA on Tamagotchi Channel, until GOGO♪ Tamagotchi! released in 2010.

The manga series is also translated into Chinese.


Names and release dates

GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 1 28th of November, 2005
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 2 27th of April, 2006
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 3 28th of July, 2006
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち (Limited edition) 1st of September, 2006
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 4 27th of October, 2006
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 5 27th of February, 2007
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 6 23th of June, 2007
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 7 15th of December, 2007
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 8 27th of June, 2008
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 9 19th of December, 2008
GOGO!たまたま・たまごっち 10 19th of September, 2009


OVA of the manga series from online are also available on the 2009 Tamagotchi! Mcdonalds DVD, along with videos on how to draw the characters.

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