For the female vintage character, see Gankotchi

Gankotchi anime
Gankotchi is an elderly male Tamagotchi character who appears in episode 43 of the Tamagotchi! anime. He lives on a corn and cherry farm with his wife.


Gankotchi has an angular gray face with wrinkles and dark gray, bushy hair that resembles a storm cloud. He has a green mustache and green lightning bolt-shaped eyebrows. His irises are blue.

Gankotchi wears a green shirt with a yellow patch and black cuffs, white gloves, brown pants, black boots, and a straw hat with a hole at the top. He also usually has a piece of white cloth over his shoulders.


Gankotchi is very stubborn, bossy, and aggressive, as well as having a literally explosive temper. When he is mad, smoke shoots out through his hat and he sparks with lightning, which may electrocute nearby Tamagotchis. He especially gets angry when he thinks Mametchi, along with his friends, aren't good at doing their work on the farm. He doesn't care when Tamagotchis get hurt from his lightning and sometimes uses it as a way to punish them.

When he is not aggressive, Gankotchi usually acts aloof. Despite all this, he has a soft side which he hates to show. When others take notice of the times he acts kind, he blushes and looks away, trying to insist that he doesn't really care.

Name origin

Ganko is Japanese for "tough" and "stubborn".

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