Gotchiman! Forever! (GOTCHIMAN! フォーエバー GOTCHIMAN! Fōebā) is part 1 of episode 24 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on March 22, 2010. The episode is written by Michiko Yokote.


Mametchi arrives inside his house in a rush. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi welcomes him home. Then Mametchi asks Mr. TV to put up the Gotchiman Show. The TV switches on and displays the Gotchiman Show, and Mametchi has believed that he missed the beginning of the episode.

In the show, the scene takes place at a canyon-like background. Black Hat is standing below Gotchiman atop a rock spire laughing evilly, with Gotchiman posing. Regardless whether he missed the beginning, Mametchi leisurely watches. Back on the show, Gotchiman then comes up to Black Hat and throws his bola, restraining him. Mametchi became excited, and Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi says that they're aware Mametchi is a big Gotchiman fan.

At the TAMAX-TV Broadcasting Studio, TamaPtchi is watching the episode that was seen previously at the Mame Family House. TamaPtchi appears to have confidence for Gotchiman. But looking on his handheld digital pad, the ratings of Gotchiman is on a steady line near the zero mark. But later on rose up because of Lovelin's appearance in the episode. Her scene, as Hero Lovelin, consists of her arriving to help Gotchiman and she casts her signature move: Lovelin Flower Shot. As the scene cuts back to TamaPtchi watching the episode, he comments to himself he likes Lovelin because she's cute and a great actress. Switching back to the screen, Gotchiman says that he's got it from there. Hero Lovelin acknowledged it and left. However, her departure causes Gotchiman's rating to plummet near the zero mark again. And TamaPtchi is aware of that pattern. Then he has been having thoughts of changing the name of the show to "Gotchigirl".

Somewhere in the studio, TamaPtchi converses with ADtchi about his opinion with Gotchiman. ADtchi said he doesn't want to tell his opinion of Gotchiman. Then he said that he's a veteran and should deserve some respect. But TamaPtchi asks him to tell the truth. So ADtchi obliviously replies under his request: He says that Gotchiman is a good actor, but his acting is "cheesy and lame", he thinks he overdoes his role. Next, TamaPtchi talks to Turtletchi, who says that he doesn't like Gotchiman because he "bosses everyone around". Then TamaPtchi goes to [Insert the name of this person with the green afro and with leaves], who says that Gotchiman "wouldn't accept their advices".

In TamaPtchi's office, he views on the small picture frames of Lovelin and Gotchiman. Then he said that he forced himself to choose one of those actors. Sighing, he motivates himself shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Gotchiman views his ratings on the handheld digital pad, then sighs. Then there is a knock on the door. TamaPtchi comes in and asks him to have a word with him. Gotchiman thinks it's about Lovelin's progress. Then he thinks that the staff has the most popular show in town and they should have a party with the staff. But TamaPtchi tells him to disregard it.

Then he tells him to try understand on what he is trying to say. He said that the audience needs new stuff. And therefore, he regrets to say that he plan to end the Gotchiman show. It is all due to the viewers saying that the show is "too tacky". Still having his self-esteem, however, Gotchiman eccentrically accepts the fact and he promises to do his best till the last day for the end of his show. Afterwards, TamaPtchi walks of his room, depressed. Back in the room, Gotchiman sighed as he looks himself in the mirror. Then he looked at his pictures on the side of his shelf.

Outside the studio, Gotchiman walks away in an overcoat. He stops for a moment and puts on his blue mask, saying that he doesn't want anyone to see him with his Gotchiman mask, as he doesn't want to hurt the feelings of the kids. He continues walking, now feeling down. He then remembers back in the days, where he used to win awards, had many fans, and had a party with everyone. Then he takes a moment as he looks up on a dead tree, thinking that it resembles to him as if something had died inside him.

Suddenly, a hovering vehicle zooms in. And Mametchi is riding on it. The encounter results in the vehicle crashing into Gotchiman, knocking both he and Mametchi down. As Mametchi gets up to apologize to Gotchiman, he realized who he is. Gotchiman became nervous. But, Mametchi mistook him as a "Gotchiman Fan". So Gotchiman tried going with the flow. Mametchi talks about the Gotchiman Show, saying he likes the show. But Gotchiman attempts to tell the truth that the show is now lacking. Mametchi refused to believed it. Then he continues complementing on the show. Then he offered Gotchiman to stay at his house, so he and the "Gotchiman Fan" can talk about yesterday's show. Gotchiman then asks about Mametchi's hovering vehicle. Mametchi said it's a "Super Gotchi Jet Board". And one of his dream is watching Gotchiman using one of his inventions.

The two arrive at the Mame Family house, and goes inside Mametchi's room. As Gotchiman surveys the room, he sees franchise objects of himself. Then, Mametchi puts on his Gotchiman costume, and tells Gotchiman of "Season 3, Episode 789". The description of the episode he tells is about Gotchiman hanging from the tallest building and saying "Not even gravity can stop my sense of justice!". "And justice always stays close to Gotchiman!", Gotchiman added. Gotchiman said the scene was hard to shoot. But he realized he accidentally told about his "real self", causing Mametchi to grow a little suspicious. Gotchiman managed to dodge the suspicion by saying that he "heard it" from the staff. So Mametchi acknowledged him.

Then Mametchi shows Gotchiman an invention, where he got the idea from the episode. He shows a grapple-like wiring gun that can entangle any surface. He demonstrates it by firing at a doorknob. Gotchiman looked impressed by the invention because of its usefulness. Generously, Mametchi gave Gotchiman the grappling gun as a "gift". Then Mametchi shows Gotchiman more inventions: An illusion-creating blanket and much more gadgets. Gotchiman looked amazed with all of them. Mametchi thanked him. But he said that he's far from making Gotchiman Gadgets.

Gotchiman's mood went down to neutral again. Then he admited to Mametchi that the Gotchiman show will be over before he could finish them. Mametchi was questioned. But Gotchiman tries to make him disregard it. Then he tells him that he will do his very best until the end of his fame. Mametchi began to become more suspicious of Gotchiman in his "Gotchiman Fan Identity". Gotchiman told him it's what would Gotchiman say. Mametchi obliviously agreed with him. Then Gotchiman asks if he could have the Gotchiman Jet Board. But Mametchi tells him that it's under testing and it is hard to control. Then Gotchiman expresses his speech about tackling new things and learning from mistakes to be ready for a challenge. Mametchi was motivated. Then they both celebrated by fisting each other's fists.

Night falls at Tamagotchi Town. And Gotchiman walks down the street with Mametchi's Jet Board. Then, he sees two police cars driving down the street. Then the scene switches to a bridge, where a bus is on the verge of falling off the side. Lovelin is at the scene documenting on the bridge. Where she reports that the bus is full of passengers trapped inside.

Gotchiman arrives at the scene to look for himself. When he saw that the bus is about to fall off anytime soon, he reluctantly had to do something about it. Then he realized that he can use the Jet Board. He pulls two handles on it and the board increases power. Then Gotchiman goes out of his incognito identity by removing his blue mask and his overcoat. He flies towards bus, while trying to control it, in order to save the passengers.

TamaPtchi is surprised when he sees Gotchiman on TV trying to save the passengers, since it is not really a TV show. Mametchi sees it too on TV, looking motivated. Gotchiman goes up to the bus and tries to push it back on the street. The bus is still going to fall off. So after motivating himself, Gotchiman fires the grappling gun and uses it as a winch to push the bus. Struggling, Gotchiman managed to push the bus back to safety. Everyone at the scene were amazed with Gotchiman heroism. But the glory is short-lived as the Jet Board loses power, causing Gotchiman to fall into the river below him, shocking everyone.

Gotchiman was sent to Tama Hospital. In his room, he got many fan letters, most of them consisting of "get well" comments. TamaPtchi tells him that he should get well soon for his upcoming shoot. Gotchiman is surprised when TamaPtchi told it. He said that he reconsidered, allowing to give the Gotchiman Show a second chance. And he told him that they both can work as a team. Gotchiman generously accepted the offer. Then TamaPtchi tells him that he recieved a unique fan letter, saying that "he promises to make inventions for him that he can use in his future shows". He only said he's intrigued with its surprise. Then the episode ends with Gotchiman looking out the window on his bed.





"Tamagotchi!" - Gotchiman! Forever!

"Tamagotchi!" - Gotchiman! Forever!