Gozaru village 2016 artwork

Current artwork of Gozaru Village

Gozaru Village (ござる村 Gozaru Mura) is the hometown of Gozarutchi. It looks like a ninja colony with buildings shaped like ninjas.


  • Gozaru Game Center
  • Gozaru Gym
  • Diving Pool
  • Shuriken Chocolates Store
  • Lost Person Information Desk
  • Shopping Center
  • Theater


On Virtual Pets

O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi Game Ō Kettēsen

Gozaru Village is a visitable location.

Tamatown Version

Gozaru Village was a visitable location on the Japanese website E-Tamago for the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus.

In Tamagotchi Media

Gozaru Village is a location that the player can visit in Tamagotchi no Appare! Niji-Venture.

Gozaru Village also appears in Tamagotchi: Party On!.


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