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Gozarutchi anime

Gozarutchi blue

Genders and Releases:
Name in other languages:
Taiwan Chinese: 忍者吉
Gozaru Village
February 2
Kiyotaka Furushima
V1 Gozarutchi Gozarutchi akai sprite ID Gozarutchi ID-L Gozarutchi

Gozarutchi (ござるっち Gozarutchi) is male adult Tamagotchi that first debuted on the Tamagotchi Connection and has since been a well-known character in the franchise. In all releases of Tamagotchi he appears on, Gozarutchi is the worst care character.


Gozarutchi resembles a ninja. He wears a navy blue suit with two white stripes on the front. He is usually shown carrying a shuriken, also known as a ninja star. He has a small point on top of his head. His mouth is almost always nonvisible, for example, when he is speaking in the anime his mouth doesn't open. However, some of his sprite artwork shows his open mouth when he's eating.


Gozarutchi's specialty is throwing ninja stars, and he hopes to someday be a ninja. He possesses many ninja abilities. According to his sister Kunoitchi, he actually has low blood pressure and is not a morning person. He lives in Gozaru Village. He adds "de gozaru" to the ends of his sentences. 

He has a fond crush on Masktchi, while Violetchi has a crush on him. In the anime series, Kikitchi admires him and calls him master.

Name Origin

"De Gozaru"(~でござる ) is an archaic Japanese phrase spoken at the end of sentences like the modern "Desu". It is associated with samurai, ninja, and the time period surrounding them.


Chara 06

The Ninja Family


Gozarutchi's sister. Everything about her is mystery but the fact that she is trying to be a ninja-lady, otherwise known as a kunoichi. It has been rumored that she always wears fashionable clothes underneath her ninja costume.


Gozarutchi's mother. She used to be a pop-star but became a ninja to hide it. Kashiratchi is oblivious to this.


Gozarutchi's father. He is a teacher at the Ninja Training Center at Gozaru Village. He is also a great fan of popstars, like Lovelin. Hidden underneath his costume is a picture of his favorite star. He keeps it a secret but his whole family knows about it.

In the Anime

Let's Go! Tamagotchi

Gozarutchi is one of the students in Grippatchi's class at Tamagotchi School. He is depicted as being tired most of the time, and he sleeps a lot. In episode 12, Gozarutchi dreams about sleeping.


Gozarutchi appears somewhat frequently in the first few seasons of Tamagotchi!. He is a student at Tamagotchi School. In episode 22, he gives Kikitchi ninja lessons. Kikitchi was skeptical at first, but later he became impressed with Gozarutchi and started calling him master.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Gozarutchi appears as a minor character. He is a student at DoriTama School, and he is part of the school's soccer team. In episode 12, he and the other soccer players compete against Motetchi's team. 


  • Unlike most mascot characters, Gozarutchi doesn't own a Tama Pet.


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