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Gypsytchi's Fortune Telling (いいかも〜! うらないっちの占い Ii kamo~! Uranaitchi no uranai) is part 1 of episode 22 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on March 8, 2010. The episode is written by Mamiko Ikeda.


At an outdoor restaurant, Memetchi asks if they have heard of Gypsytchi. Makiko says that she is well-known for her impeccable accuracy of fortune-telling. Memetchi wished that she could give her a reading, and Makiko tells her what would it be. Memetchi replied that she wants to meet "Prince Charming". Makiko laughs at her, as she says that will never happen in the future. So then Memetchi asks her what future she wants to know. Makiko says that she once saw a cute hair accessory, which is a headband with three flowers, fluff lining, and two small curls. She hopes that somebody will get it for her as a present when her wish gets answered. Memetchi says it's boring. Irritated, Makiko proclaims that fashion is important for girls unlike telling on Memetchi's dull style. The two girls then get upset with each other.

Mametchi tries to calm them down, telling them not to fight over "silly fortune-telling". That upsets the girls even further, and they tell him that they love fortune-telling. After the two calm down, Memetchi asks Mametchi and Kuchipatchi on having their fortunes told. The boys says that they haven't thought about it. Then notice see Kuromametchi sitting on a table next to them. Mametchi asks him what future he wants to know. He replies that he only believes in himself and claims that fortune-telling is for little kids. Nearby, three girls, known as the Eco-usatchi Triplets, are hiding behind bushes who all seem to adore Kuromametchi.

Back at the table, Memetchi suggests that they should all go to Gypsytchi right away. But Makiko says that she is rumored to come and go where she pleases, which makes it hard to find her. Then, Uwasatchi comes up to the four, saying that rumor is her specialty. She tells them that they can go to Tamastetchi to ask her if they want to see Gypsytchi. Memetchi accepts the advice from her.

So the four all go to Tamastetchi. As she greets them, Makiko tells her where to find Gypsytchi. Acknowledging it, she takes out a book, picks up a card, and scans it into her slot to call her. After a few seconds, Gypsytchi answers it which switched Tamastetchi's screen to view her, amazing the group. Tamastetchi tells her that the gang wants to see her. Then she gives the phone to them. Gypsytchi tells them that if they want to see her, they should follow Busstopchi. As they wondered about it, they see Busstopchi pass by, and the gang followed it.

As they follow Busstopchi, Gypsytchi on the phone says that the gang might see Roudotchi around the corner. After approaching the corner, they did see him, coming out a manhole. Gypsytchi suggests that they should follow him, so they all agreed to it. As they are, Gypsytchi says that a rainbow-colored leaf might fall on Roudotchi's head, and did. The gang seems amazed with the coincidence, as Memetchi says that it's like Gypsytchi is watching them from somewhere. The leaf is then blown off from Roudotchi and Gypsytchi suggests that they should follow the blowing leaf. As they try to keep up with the leaf, it goes into a side street, and Gypsytchi says that once they enter it, they might find a fortune-telling hall. Reaching the end of the side street, they do see it, which consists of a grassy field with a pathway leading up to a tent.

The gang all head up the path leading to the tent. Memetchi says that she never heard of the place on the Tama Street. Upon entering the tent, they see Gypsytchi herself. She asks if they like to have their fortunes read to them. Memetchi and Makiko both accepts her offer. So Gypsytchi asks what would they like to know. Memetchi tells her that she wants to meet her charming prince. Complying, Gypsytchi starts to focus into her crystal ball while the gang watches. Gypsytchi says that Memetchi will meet a charming prince, but later says that she probably won't. Baffled, Memetchi tries to ask who, but Makiko cuts in and asks Gypsytchi if somebody will get her the cute hair accessory she wanted. Still focusing the crystal ball, Gypsytchi says that Makiko will finally get her hair accessory, but says she'll probably not. Much to the two girl's disappointment, they question Gypsytchi on their fortunes. She says that she's just telling them what she sees in her crystal ball.

Makiko thinks Gypsytchi may sound uncertain. Then, Memetchi thought up an idea and asks the boys to have their fortunes told. As Mametchi responds to it, Makiko also tells them that the boys might actually get a straight answer from Gypsytchi. So Mametchi follows their advice, and tells Gypsytchi if Gotchiman will succeed today's episode. But the girls seems tired with Mametchi's Gotchiman obsession. He responds that Gotchiman means alot to him and must know. So Gypsytchi focuses again in her crystal ball, then says that Gotchiman will succeed in today's episode, but says he might not. Unimpressed, Mametchi claims it could be another fake reading. Then, Kuchipatchi tells her what is his favorite dinner. That astonished the girls under such a tedious, common question. Yet, Kuchipatchi still wants to know about it. But, Makiko discovers that Gypsytchi might get a straight answer from Kuchipatchi's practical dinner question. So Gypsytchi predicts Kuchipatchi's dinner, and his favorite dinner tonight is his favorite pizza, but says it could be curry instead. Kuchipatchi feels excited over his favorite foods that Gypsytchi told him. But the girls still feels unimpressed with no clear answer from Gypsytchi.

The next day, at Tamagotchi School, Makiko skips happily down the hall. Memetchi comes up to Makiko and noticed her new hair accessory, which is a hotdog with a bow behind it. She says that Gypsytchi's fortune did in-fact came true. It happened yesterday when she got home, where his mother, Majorite, bought her the hair accessory for her. As she happily opens the bag, she seems to look unimpressed when it contains the hotdog accessory. Majorite explains that it was the hair accessory she wanted. But Makiko tells her that the hotdog accessory is after the flower-decorated accessory she wanted. Majorite seems to understand, then tries to ease her disappointment by asking her to try it on. After putting on the hotdog accessory, she looks at the mirror to see how she looks. Majorite tells her that she looks fantastic. Makiko evaluates the look on her, and seems to feel great about it.

After the flashback, Makiko seems to get used to the hotdog accessory, which means that Gypsytchi's fortunes are in fact, accurate. Then Mametchi comes up to the girls, who wants to tell them about the fortune that happened to him yesterday. Flashing back to yesterday, Mametchi is watching an episode of Gotchiman, where he faces Black Hat in an alternate world. Black Hat attacks Gotchiman with a harisen-like attack, slapping him repeatedly. Hero Lovelin watches as she tries telling him of his situation and Mametchi watches dramatically. Still enduring from the attack, Gotchiman is briefly laughing from the attack and says that he'll never surrender. Hero Lovelin suddenly notices something "weird" from Gotchiman. Then Black Hat creates a missile and fires it at Gotchiman, hitting him directly and knocking him out. After Gotchiman's defeat, it turns out that Black Hat is actually Gotchiman when he poses the letters of "GOTCHI". Hero Lovelin was astonished as she thought as if Gotchiman and Black Hat switched bodies. Gotchiman (in Black Hat's body), explained that it was all due to a science experiment gone wrong. That made Hero Lovelin believe that Black Hat is Gotchiman. And Gotchiman validates it and laughs heroically. Mametchi became amazed as he understands.

After Mametchi's flashback, he explained that Gotchiman's body didn't win, but his heart and soul did. The girls are still unamused with Mametchi's repeated fandom. Then, Kuchipatchi comes in and tells everyone of his dinner fortune coming true. In his flashback, Mamapatchi gives her kids, Kuchipatchi and Chibipatchi, pizza for dinner. And, for tonight only, she gives them curry which is poured on the pizza. This delighted Kuchipatchi, and ends the flashback. Kuchipatchi then says that his dinner fortune from Gypsytchi is true.

But then, Memetchi still wonders if her fortune, meeting a prince charming, did come true. But she believes that her fortune could be too exaggerated and had to accept that it isn't true for her. She looks out the window and unhesitatingly sighs. But then, the scene zooms into a pogo spring horse then reveals Prince Tamahiko riding on it, who looks at the window and sends his greetings to the gang looking at him. Memetchi then thinks that seeing Prince Tamahiko technically counts as a charming prince, but thinks it probably does not.

The gang cannot believe their eyes, their fortunes from Gypsytchi did come true. And they all felt amazed from her. Just then, the Eco-usatchi Triplets, seen earlier from the beginning of the episode, asks the gang to have their fortunes told too by Gypsytchi.

Later, the triplets are seen following a rainbow-colored leaf, which revealed that they could be following the same method the main characters used to find Gypsytchi. After reaching the fortune-telling hall, the girls all come up to Gypsytchi and asks if they are all destined to be with Kuromametchi. Gypsytchi focuses, but reveals that the three girls are fated with Kuchipatchi instead, shocking them.

Back at the same outdoor restaurant, the middle girl says that they didn't know they were fated to be with Kuchipatchi. Just then the three girls see Kuchipatchi walking by. The three girls seem to understand, as they share a common trait with him: the same color as Kuchipatchi, green. And the three girls all fall for Kuchipatchi. Then, Kuchipatchi looks at the girls, wondering who they are.





"Tamagotchi!" - Gypsytchi's Fortune Telling12:29

"Tamagotchi!" - Gypsytchi's Fortune Telling

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