Hapihapitchi (ハピハピっち)

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Taiwan Chinese: 快樂吉/快樂快樂吉
Mame City
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Hapihapitchi (ハピハピっち Hapihapitchi) is a female Tama Pet who belongs to the Mame Family. Hapihapitchi debuted in the second Tamagotchi movie, Tamagotchi: The Happiest Story in the Universe!. Her first virtual pet appearance was on the Tamagotchi Plus Color, but her first appearace as a raisable character was on the Tamagotchi iD L.

In the anime, she is voiced by Satomi Korogi.


Hapihapitchi resembles an animal fairy. She somewhat has the appearance of a lamb or a puppy. She has two white wings, two curved pink ears on the sides of her head, and a heart-shaped stalk on her head. She has white fur (with a light pink tint) and a pink collar. She has rounded bangs on her forehead. She has a little pink nose and pink cheeks. Her eyes are small, pink, and sparkly.


Hapihapitchi is a very popular Tama Pet, and is often called very cute. She is loved by both boy and girl Tamagotchis, because she makes them happier. She follows Chamametchi around and is also a friend of Telelin. Sometimes she gives Telelin rides in the sky. She's sweet, kind, caring, gentle and devoted to making sure that she helps make others happy by doing good deeds for others, and she gets along really well with Chamametchi, but they sometimes get into fights on rare occasions.

Speech Habits

Hapihapitchi is known to make a high-pitched howling/barking sound, "aroo," after everything she says. This is also known as a happy puppy-like "wan" (ワン) bark in Japanese. Furthermore, she repeats phrases that other Tamagotchis say (usually Chamametchi or Princess Lovelin). In the Japanese anime, she also speaks in the third person for herself. She often says. "happy happy" when she is happy, such as when she was first created.

In the Anime

Hapihapitchi anime

Anime version of Hapihapitchi

Tamagotchi: Happiest Story in the Universe

Hapihapitchi was originally going to be an item, not a living creature, called "Happy".  However, when Mametchi was activating his creation, many things went wrong; Chamametchi was carrying a tray with cups of pink lemonade while Bagubagutchi was chasing a caterpillar, and a feather landed on Kuchipatchi's nose. Kuchipatchi sneezed just as Chamametchi tripped over the caterpillar; everything went tumbling into the bubble-like orb which contained the "Happy".  The pink lemonade turned the "Happy" pink, the feather turned it fluffy, and the caterpillar made it come to life. Mametchi decided to call his creature "Hapihapitchi" instead so that it would have a Tamagotchi name.


Hapihapitchi appears in two Tamagotchi OVAs, where MametchiMemetchiKuchipatchiVioletchiChamametchiKikitchi and she are best friends. In the Tamagotchi OVAs, the viewer follows Mametchi's diary where he divulges information about small events that happen in his life.

Happy Power


Hapihapitchi when happy.

When Hapihapitchi sees a person who is tired or sad, she releases a pink glowing dust that brings happiness. This dust also makes flowers bloom.

When Hapihapitchi is near by someone who is sad, her heart on her head will turn blue and begin beeping. The only way to stop it, is to release some of her happy dust on the person, which makes the person happy.

But when Hapihapitchi runs out of dust, the heart on the stalk on her head becomes dark blue and Hapihapitchi will become very weak. The only way to save Hapihapitchi is to put her in the hands of someone very happy.


Hapihapitchi when noticing someone is unhappy in a close area.

Hapihapitchi no longer uses her happy power, the reason why is because if Hapihapitchi uses up all her happy power, she will die. She still helps people out to make them happy whenever someone needs it, without using her power. Her happy heart on her head still works though.

In the Tamagotchi! episode Hapihapitchi Helps Out! finds Tamagotchis that are in trouble. The main Tamagotchi she helps is Winditchi, who is lost and must get back to her brother, Whirltchi.

Other Forms

Hapihapitchi appears as Hapihapitchi the Fish, alongside her best friend

Hapihapitchi the fish, alongside Mermaid Lovelin in the anime show, Tamagotchi!

Mermaid Lovelin, whom she loves playing with in the anime show, Tamagotchi!

Hapihapitchi appears as a vampire in some episodes. She attacks Sister Lovelin and her companions, alongside Vampire Mametchi in the anime Tamagotchi!

She also is a police officer in some of the Thief Papillon episodes of Tamagotchi!


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