Hapihapitchi Helps Out! (ハピハピっちがんばる! ワン! Hapihapitchi ganbaru! Wan!) is part 2 of episode 15 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 18, 2010. The creator of the episode is Matsui Aya.


Mamametchi tells her kids to be safe as she leaves. Inside the Mame Family house, Lovelin on forecast tells that there's strong wings coming, so Mametchi tells Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi to stay inside. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi start drawing, while Mametchi comes in and tells that he'll be downstairs watching TV. Soon, Hapihapitchi starts snoozing, Chamametchi puts down her crayon over her loss of interest; Hapihapitchi wakes up. Then Chamametchi looks out the window, which shows windy weather. She is bored and wanted to go play outside, but Hapihapitchi said that Mametchi told them to stay inside the house. Chamametchi still insisted to go outside, playing for only a "few minutes". Hapihapitchi followed her hesitantly.

The two girls walk down the neighborhood street. A leaf falls before them, which has the ears of a Mame. Chamametchi decided to keep the leaf for herself. Just then, Hapihapitchi's heart stalk glows blue, and she became troubled. Chamametchi tells her what's wrong and she said that she senses somebody not happy. She follows the source and Chamametchi follows her.

Arriving at a playground through a bush, Hapihapitchi heads over to a nearby slide arch and located a girl under it. The two investigate the person crying. After helping her up, the two introduced themselves to the girl. In spite of her shyness, the girl tells the two her name is Winditchi. Chamametchi then tells her of her problem she's having. She explained that she is lost. But she remembers playing with her brother but then she was alone. Acknowledging her story, Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi offered to help her look for her brother.

The trio start looking for Winditchi's brother. Chamametchi asks Winditchi where her brother usually hangs out. She said that she and he plays hide-and-seek. The brother is so fast at hiding that she usually won't find him. Then she adds that he changes his hiding spot occasionally. Hapihapitchi gets an idea: she will go back to the Mame Family house and tell Mametchi about Winditchi and her brother. Chamametchi finds it a good idea and sends her off to talk to him. While they wait for her, Chamametchi tells Winditchi to go play on a swing.

Up in the sky, a gust of wind made a person appear. The person appears to be looking for Winditchi. He disappears and reappears from point to point, but he still couldn't find her. During his search, his wind trails blow away Hapihapitchi in the process. Recovering from the blast, she pondered about it.

Then her heart stalk glows blue, indicating somebody is unhappy. She tracked the source to a mother and her son. The mother said that whatever object has caused the boy to lose something, it is too far for her to reach. Hapihapitchi comes up to the two to ask them of their problem. The mother told her that her son accidentally let go of his balloon. The two directed her to the drifting balloon. Hapihapitchi flies to the balloon and gave it back to the boy. The two thanked her for the help. Talking to herself, Hapihapitchi says it's important for her to make everybody happy. Then she flies off, saying goodbye to the two.

Elsewhere, the wind person continues to search for Winditchi. His rush through resulted a woman's laundries being blown away off the clothes lines. Most of the laundry landed on the ground and the lady was troubled. Hapihapitchi comes up to the woman and asked what's wrong. She said that she needs to wash the laundry again. Hapihapitchi decided to help her pick up the dropped laundry.

Meanwhile, Winditchi and Chamametchi are sitting on a swing. Chamametchi said that Lovelin's windy weather report was in fact true. Winditchi looks to her and questioned her dislike of the windy weather. Chamametchi said she doesn't dislike the windy weather. Then she showed her the mame-eared leaf that she picked up earlier. She said it's a "gift from the wind". Winditchi was aspired. Then a sudden gust of wind blows on the two of them. Chamametchi wondered how long will Hapihapitchi come back to the two of them.

Through a strong headwind, Hapihapitchi reaches the Mame Family house. Inside, Mametchi is watching an episode of Gotchiman. In the show, Black Hat creates a giant fan and tries using it to blow Gotchiman away. Mametchi tries rooting for him. Back outside, Hapihapitchi struggles through the wind in her attempt to grab the door. Returning to the show, Gotchiman is still enduring through the wind. And back outside again, Hapihapitchi tries grabbing the door, but the strong wind blew her away. She tried shouting out to Mametchi that Chamametchi and Winditchi need her.

Hapihapitchi recovers her balance. Then, the wind person appear before her, who thought he heard something from her. The person's name is revealed to be Whirltchi, from his very short introduction. He told Hapihapitchi that he thought she mentioned Winditchi. Hapihapitchi tells that Winditchi lost her brother and is waiting for him with Chamametchi. Then Whirltchi reveals to her that he's Winditchi's brother. He explained to her that he went so fast that he forgot he went too far away from Winditchi. Hapihapitchi tells him that Winditchi is at the park and headed for it. Whirltchi follows her.

Back at the playground, Chamametchi and Winditchi are sitting under the slide arch. Then Whirltchi and Hapihapitchi arrive. Whirltchi comes up to Winditchi and reunites at last. Chamametchi congratulated Hapihapitchi for helping the two siblings reunite. Hapihapitchi said it was Whirltchi's chills that help her find him. The two siblings thanked Hapihapitchi for helping them. Then Hapihapitchi's heart stalk flashes. But then she realized something, she asks the three a favor.

The four go to the lady who hanged the laundry, where Hapihapitchi lead the siblings to her to help her dry off her laundry. Whirltchi and Winditchi uses their wind powers to dry off the laundry. Chamametchi was amazed and the lady she was relieved with the dried off laundry. She then thanked the four for the help. Hapihapitchi is just glad everybody is happy.

Back at the Mame Family house, the Gotchiman episode continues. Black Hat still continues trying to blow Gotchiman away, but Gotchiman used his Gotchiman Car fitted with giant fans to blow him away. Then he flies away in his victory, concluding the episode. Mametchi was delighted, in which he explains that's why Gotchiman is his favorite hero.

Then Mametchi goes inside Chamametchi's room to see Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi. But when he sees the two of them, he smiled, then closed the door on the way out. The latter shows that the two girls are sleeping, wishing good fortune on Whirlitchi and Winditchi. As they sleep soundly, two gusts of winds are seen stopping by outside the room window, then went away.





Tamagotchi a bad day (lose windytchi)11:24

Tamagotchi a bad day (lose windytchi)

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