Happyburgertchi (ハッピーバーガーっち)
Happyburgertchi blue
Genders and Hometown:
Tama Street
ID happyburgertchi

Happyburgertchi (ハッピーバーガーっち Happībāgātchi), also known as Makdotchi, is a male Tamagotchi character, and normaly used to promote Tamagotchi Happy Meal McDonald's toys. He works at McDonald's at Celebria, and sometimes works at his little burger hut on Tama Street.

He also appears on the Tamagotchi iD when a Special McDonald's code is entered, when a Special McDonald's item is used, and in the downloaded game, Build a Burger.

Happyburgertchi also appears in the Tamagotchi Original Animations shorts, and the anime TV show, Tamagotchi!.


Happyburgertchi resembles a McDonald's cheeseburger with lettuce and a McDonald's hat.

Past Name (Makdotchi)

When the TV anime show, Tamagotchi! released, Happyburgertchi's name was changed to Happyburgertchi instead of Makdotchi (マクドっち Makudotchi).

Makdotchi's name comes from the word and restaurant McDonalds. McDonald's(マクドナルド Makudonarudo), so Makdotchi could have been called McDotchi.

Happyburgertchi also had his yellow M on his hat removed when he was renamed.