Hariutchi (ハリウっち)
Haruitchi artwork
Genders and Releases:
Hariyu sprite

Hariutchi (ハリウっち) is a gender-neutral adult character found exclusively on the TamaOtch.


Hariutchi looks like a gold star with a face. It has two black dots for eyes, and a small mouth. There are lines around its head that suggest that Haruitchi shines brightly.


Hariutchi is an adult stage character that evolves from AsaDoratchi, Mochimotchi, or Tamaotchi 1.

Name Origin

Hariutchi's name comes from Hariuddo (ハリウッド), which is the Japanese pronounciation of Hollywood. Hariutchi's appearance is probably based on the term "Hollywood Star" (ハリウッドスター).

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