Hatokamitchi anime
Genders and Appearances:
ID-L hatokamitchi

Hatokamitchi (ハートかみっち) is the legendary god of Tama Heart . Kizunatchi is his Tama Heart collecter, and Denshohatotchi is his carrier pigeon. He never leaves Ha Island. He loves hot tea and TamaDepa donuts.


Hatokamitchi has a white, fluffy, pear-shaped body. He has a pink heart on top of his head and another one on his stomach. He has small round eyes with brown irises, and fluffy eyebrows and a fluffy moustache. He carries a pink staff which has a heart shape at the tip.

In the Anime


Hatokamitchi appears in episodes 128 139, and 143.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Hatokamitchi appears briefly in episode 50, when the girls are performing Happy Happy Harmony.

Name Origin

His name comes from the word Hāto (ハート) meaning heart, and kami (神 / かみ) meaning god or guardian.


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