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Hexagontchi logo clean

Hexagontchi written in Japanese

The Hexagontchi (ヘキサゴンっち Hekisagontchi) is an extended versison of Tamagotchi Plus Color which comes with a bonus hexagon room style. It is based on a Japanese quiz show.



Both designs of the Hexagontchi

The Hexagontchi comes in two shell designs: A red shell with white oval around the screen, and a white shell with a red oval around the screen. Both designs have three cream-colored buttons, a black sensor, and the Hexagontchi logo.


The Hexagontchi features a fair amount of Japanese text. In order to earn the happy items on this version, the player must answer a Japanese quiz show question.


The Hexagontchi features three new mini-games.

  • Pick Up Hexagon
  • Flip Over 15!
  • Wrong Balloons


See Hexagontchi/Character List

The Hexagontchi has 27 characters total. Most of the characters are the same from the Tamagotchi Plus Color, but a few have been introduced. The new characters are Tensaitchi, Tensaitchi Jr., Mimitchi, Sebiretchi, and Nonbiritchi.


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