Hidatchi (ひだっち)
Genders and Releases:
Hidatchi sprite

Hidatchi (ひだっち) is a Tamagotchi character exclusive to the Tamagotchi Connection Version 3.


Hidatchi is completely yellow with small black eyes and a wide smile. It also wears what appears to be some sort of yellow hat around her head (which may be its ears).

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 3

Hidatchi appears on even generations when given above average (but imperfect) care. Hidatchi's favorite food is chicken drumstick, and its least favorite food is ice cream.

Name Origin

Hidatchi's name comes from the Japanese word "hida", which means creases or pleats. (Pleats are folds made in clothing by doubling the cloth or by folding it upon intself and stitching it in place). This probably refers to the frills on the side of its head.


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