Humans are a race of humanoid beings who live on The Earth. They appear as tall beings, approximately three times the size of a Tamagotchi. They're handy, intelligent, and very friendly with outworlders.

In the Tamagotchi universe, humans exist but are rarely seen at all. However, the Tamagotchis are aware of the presence of The Earth which is several galaxies away from Tamagotchi Planet. They've noted their planet as a friendly planetary neighbor and also noted humans are friendly as well. Generally, the Tamagotchis are highly curious of the humans, as much the humans are as well to the Tamagotchi.

In the early years of the franchise, the Tamagotchis apparently live in harmony with the humans together on The Earth. Humans sometimes adopt the Tamagotchi as their pets or companions. Sometimes humans even care for the entire population of the Tamagotchi living amongst them. In modern times, the harmony between humans and Tamagotchi was discontinued. However, both humans and Tamagotchis still retain their positive relationship for one another.

Known Humans



  • Tanpopo is the first human who has ever traveled directly to Tamagotchi Planet, the homeworld of the Tamagotchis.

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