Iwatchi (いわっち)
Iwatchi blue
Genders and Releases:
Iwatchi sprite

Iwatchi (いわっち) is a baby stage character that appears exclusively on the Family-series pets.


Iwatchi resembles a misshapen brown rock with a gray beak.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Family Series

Iwatchi is the baby stage of the "Space" family, and can be obtained in two different ways:

  • Having Planetchi appear instead of Otokitchi on screen and offer Sunnytchi as a mate after selecting the Dating channel when the user's Tamagotchi has been at the adult stage for 48 hours. This occurs by chance and whether or not it happens is outside of the user's control. This does not apply to the Japanese Famitama.
  • Marrying two Tamagotchi V5s from different regions of the world, for instance a US and European V5. This applies if one were to marry a V5 to a Japanese Famitama regardless of which region of the world it was from.

Performing any one of these actions will result in one egg being produced. It will produce Iwatchi, who will evolve into Hoshitchi after an hour of being born. Hoshitchi will then evolve into Mikazukitchi and then into Sunnytchi, who will evolve into Planetchi after marrying. Iwatchi can be either gender.

The above applies to V5C and Royal Famitama, the only difference being that Sunnytchi is replaced by Jeweltchi and Planetchi by Jewelboxtchi.

Name Origin

Iwa is a Japanese word meaning a rock or a crag.

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