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Joou Sama (女王様) / Queen of Melody Land (メロディランド女王)

Tv1330942177779 Anime version of Joou Sama seen with her three royal servants.

Melody Land

Joou Sama (じょおうさま / 女王様 Joou Sama‎) also known as Queen of Melody Land (メロディランド女王 Merodi Rando Joou), is the queen of Melody Land. She is also the person who gave Melodytchi her Melody Violin, when Joou Sama was still a princess.

She also gave Lovelitchi and Melodytchi their Melody Charms.

She has appeared in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream when Pianitchi and the others visit Melody Land.

She also appearance in GO-GO Tamagotchi!, where Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, and Piantichi came to visit with their families.

Name Origin

Joou Sama's name translated into English means Queen. (Sama is an even more respectful way of san-Mr,Mrs,Ms)

Other Forms


A glass window picture of Shodai Joou Sama with the Melody Charm.

Shodai Joou Sama

Shodai Joou Sama (しょだいじょおうさま / 初代女王様 Sho Dai Joou Sama) was the first queen of Melody Land. She was also the past owner of the Melody Violin, and the maker of the Melody Charms.

Name Origin

Shodai Joou Sama's name translated into English means First Queen.



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