Kakuretchi (かくれっち)
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Kakuretchi's sprite

Kakuretchi (かくれっち) is a character that debuted on the TamaOtch. It is one of the four characters that appears in multiple growth stages.

Due to its shy personality, Kakuretchi always keeps half of itself hidden.


Kakuretchi has a grey body with large arms and legs. It wears a black belt and and scarf, and it has large, black eyes. Half of Kakuretchi's body is not visible.


Kakuretchi can be obtained from either AsaDoratchi or Mochimotchi at age 2, and it can evolve into either Tamaotchi 1 or Tabakotchi.

It can also be obtained from AsaDoratchi, Mochimotchi, or Tamaotchi 1 at age 6, given all four characters appear in two growth stages.

Name Origin

Kakuretchi's name is coined from Kakure, which means "hidden".


  • Unlike the other characters on the TamaOtch, Kakuretchi always stands in the far left corner of the screen. Because of this, when it eats, it looks like the food is disappearing on its own, and when on stage, the spotlight covers half of the screen. When it is dancing, it will move to the other side of the screen when moving right, and will not move at all when moving left. This also applies if it is refusing something. Also, when sad or asleep, its head and half of its body becomes visible.
  • Unusually, when asleep, it is on the right side of the screen rather than the left.

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