Kikitchi's Ninja Training (ききっち!修行はきびしいでござる Kikitchi! Shugyou wa kibishii de gozaru) is part 2 of episode 22 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on March 8, 2010. The episode was written by Mamiko Ikeda.


The episode begins with Mametchi and Kuchipatchi watching Kikitchi play a handheld video game by the school. As Gozarutchi walks by, Kikitchi asks if he would like to play too. Gozarutchi declines, and says that its his training day. The others are curious, so Gozarutchi shows them his training area. Gozarutchi has a large, personal training area in the forest. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi seem impressed, but Kikitchi seems bored.

Gozarutchi proceeds to practice and demonstrate some of his ninja techniques. First, he shows them the art of speedy flying. As he practices, Kikitchi attempts to swing on one of the pieces of practice equipment, but he ends up knocking into Gozarutchi in midair. Next, Gozarutchi shows them the art of invisibility. He hides behind a cloth that makes him camouflaged against a rock. He suggests that everyone try it. When Kikitchi attempts to hide, Gozarutchi says he can still see his ear. Gozarutchi finds Mametchi behind a waterfall. Kuchipatchi is the only one who successfully masked his presence from the others. Gozarutchi compliments him for it. Next, Gozarutchi shows them the art of throwing stars. He throws ninja stars towards a pole, and they all miss. He sheepishly admits that his throwing stars technique needs more work.

Next, Gozarutchi says that a ninja should be able to escape even in the air and on water. Gozarutchi proceeds to show them the art of water gliding. He starts running across a lake, and the others are amazed. However, after running for several seconds, he falls into the water. Kikitchi chuckles and says he knew it was impossible. Several moments pass, and Gozarutchi doesn't come up from the water. The others are confused, and then they become concerned. They all begin calling for him, thinking he may have drowned. Meanwhile, a thin tube sticking out of the water approaches them. Then Gozarutchi leaps out of the water and lands next to them. Gozarutchi reveals that that was the art of water immersion, and explains that a ninja can use a reed straw to hide underwater until his enemies are gone.

Mametchi and Kuchipatchi exclaim that his training is hard work. Kikitchi asks Gozarutchi if he can do something more flashy. Gozarutchi ponders this for a moment. Kikitchi then excitedly says that he saw something on TV where you can create copies of yourself. Gozarutchi says that that is the art of shadow cloning, and that it's a difficult technique that is still out of his reach. Kikitchi says that that's boring, and muses that Gozarutchi isn't a very good ninja. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi say words of encouragement to Gozarutchi, and they tell him that they think he is a great ninja. Then Kikitchi says that he's getting hungry, and asks Gozarutchi if he can make some snacks appear. Gozarutchi says he has a ninja lunch they can share.

Gozarutchi shows them a ninja lunch. It looks like four brownish-gray balls in a leaf. The others are confused. Gozarutchi explains that these are the power source of ninjas. Each of them takes a ball and tries it. At first, Mametchi and Kuchipatchi don't seem to think much of it. Gozarutchi advises that they chew it longer, and as they do, Mametchi comments that it gets sweeter the more you chew it. Kikitchi hesitantly takes a bite of his, and doesn't like the taste. Suddenly a large tongue swipes the food from Kikitchi's hand. Kikitchi looks up to see a humongous frog-like Tamagotchi towering over the four of them. Kikitchi panics and runs away.

Gozarutchi says that the Tamagotchi is Gamanosuke, his training partner, and explains that despite his size, he's really quite gentle. Gozarutchi jumps onto Gamanosuke's back, and says that they should all look for Kikitchi. As Kikitchi runs through a rocky valley, he pauses to look behind him. He sees Gamanosuke and starts running again. His friends try to calm him down, but Kikitchi keeps running until he reaches a hut. He hides inside it, and looks around. The hut is full of ninja supplies, including a large kite. Kikitchi remembers that Gozarutchi talked about how a ninja needs to be able to flee in the air or on water.

The others arrive at the hut just as the roof is opening up. Then Kikitchi comes out riding a large kite. The kite suddenly gets stuck in midair. Kikitchi looks around and starts to get nervous. He is stuck high up in the air. As the others watch, Gozarutchi says that the kite is still under repairs and can't stand strong winds. A gusting wind suddenly knocks the kite about, and Kikitchi cries out as he is tossed and turned, and pieces start to break off. Gozarutchi says that they must help him. He tells Mametchi and Kuchipatchi that he needs their help.

Gozarutchi takes to the air on another kite. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi help control the kite with the string down below. Gozarutchi gets close to Kikitchi and tells him to jump over to his kite. Kikitchi tries to reach and says it's too far. He asks Mametchi and Kuchipatchi to bring the kite closer, but the wind is too strong. As the wind gets stronger, even Mametchi and Kuchipatchi are having a hard time holding on to the string, but Gamanosuke grabs it with his tongue to hold it in place. Gozarutchi tries to reach Kikitchi with his spiderweb technique, but that doesn't work either. Gozarutchi realizes that he must use his last resort.

Gozarutchi proceeds to use the art of shadow cloning. As line of clones starts appearing, holding onto to each other's hands. The clones reach Kikitchi, and a Gozarutchi shadow clone tells him to grab on. Kikitchi jumps off of the kite and is caught by the Gozarutchi clone just as the kite falls to the ground. The shadow clones are retracted towards Gozarutchi, until Kikitchi is safely on Gozarutchi's kite. Kikitchi tearfully clings to Gozarutchi, revealing how scared he really was.

Gozarutchi starts bringing Kikitchi safely to the ground. Kikitchi seems relieved at first, but when he sees Gamanosuke, he starts to panic again. Gozarutchi tries to explain, but Kikitchi starts struggling, which makes him accidentally fall. Before he hits the ground, he is caught by Gamanosuke's tongue. Kikitchi is scared and begins struggling, but then realizes that Gamanosuke isn't trying to hurt or eat him. Gozarutchi tells him that Gamanosuke is his friend, and Kikitchi calms down. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi cheer for Gozarutchi.

Suddenly, Kikitchi calls Gozarutchi "master". He bows down before him, and Gozarutchi wonders what that is about. Kikitchi looks up with twinkling eyes and asks if he can call him master from now on. Everyone else is surprised. The next day at school, Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, and Gozarutchi are hanging out in the hallway. Suddenly Kikitchi calls out "master!". He races down the hallway towards Gozarutchi and asks him to teach him to be a ninja. Gozarutchi uneasily exclaims that he's back again, and uses a smokescreen technique to disappear. Kikitchi's catches up to where he was, and looks around, calling for his "master" again. He keeps looking around and calling for him, but Gozarutchi doesn't show up, and is seemingly an unwilling teacher.



Tamagotchi! - Kikitchi's Ninja Training09:51

Tamagotchi! - Kikitchi's Ninja Training

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