Genders and Releases:
Kikotchi sprite

Kikotchi (キコっち) is a female adult Tamagotchi who appears exclusively on the Mesutchi and Osutchi. Her male counterpart is Kiwitchi.


Kikotchi has a face with green skin, a round, pink body, and big red lips. She has small black eyes and no visible arms. She has a pink, heart-shaped antenna sticking out from the top of his head.


If Kikotchi were to go out with a guy, he'd have to be gentle, and kind, and good-looking, and thin and in shape! Perhaps because of her high standards, most of the guys she falls in love with already have girlfriends.

Appearances on Virtual Pets


Kikotchi is a TMP1 adult, and can grow from either Ojyotchi or Hawaikotchi. Having her marry either Kiwitchi or Megatchi will result in the birth of Kakutchis. Marrying either Pyonchitchi or Bunbuntchi will result in Teletchis. Marrying any adult of TMP2 or higher will result in Kuritchis. Kikotchi's base weight is 30g, and she sleeps from 10 PM to 9 AM.

Name Origin

Her name comes from the bird species kiwi and the feminine suffix "ko".


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