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Genders and Appearances:
Sakanatchi Sea
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Kingyotchi (きんぎょっち) is a teen character exclusive to the Tamagotchi Ocean.


Kingyotchi looks like a red fish with pink lips and large, round eyes on top of its red. It has two frilly fins and a frilly tail.


It longs for Keropyontchi to become its "Boss". It wants to hide behind Keropyontchi and be its servant, but actually it is fairly weak. It has myopia so suffers from near-nearsightedness. Even though it lives in the ocean, it can't remain healthy unless it takes a shower in fresh water once a day.

Kingyotchi tends to hide. When it's in sight, it can become a disagreeable sort. Its favorite food is chikuwabu.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Ocean

Kingyotchi evolves from Kuragetchi with bad care. Depending on care, Kingyotchi can become either Taiyakitchi (perfect care), Kaitchi (good care), Kujiratchi (bad care), or Ashigyotchi (severe neglect).

Name Origin

Kingyo means "goldfish" in Japanese.

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