Kira-mori shop

The Kira Tama MoriMori Shop (キラたまもりもりショップ Kira Tama Morimori Shoppu) is a Tamamori fashion shop in DoriTama Town. It is a combination of the Tamamori Shop from Tamagotchi Town and the Kirakira Tamamori from Dream Town. It is run by Moriritchi and her sister Anemoriritchi, as well as Kiraritchi and her family.


The Kira Tama MoriMori Shop has three levels. Each level has dome-shaped room, and a set of stairs connects them. The top dome has pink and white stripes, the middle dome has lavender and purple stripes, and the bottom dome is yellow. Each dome has a large bow on it, and ribbons connect to the bows and wrap around the whole building. The shop's sign is shaped like a flower and has "Kira Tama Mori² Shop" painted on it.

In the Anime

The Kira Tama MoriMori Shop is first seen in episode 1 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. The Tamagottsun causes the Tamamori Shop and the Kirakira Tamamori to combine into one shop. In episode 8, the two families of each shop work together to renovate the shop.


Name Origin

The "Kira Tama MoriMori Shop" uses the original Tamamori name, and it has "Kira" from Kiraritchi in front of it and another "Mori" from Moriritchi behind it.

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