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Kiraritchi (キラリっち)
135 キラリっち
Dream Town
P's Kiraritchi

Kiraritchi (キラリっち Kiraritchi) is a female adult character that first appeared in the anime Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. She was released as a raisable character on the Tamagotchi P's, and will also be on the upcoming English release, Tamagotchi Friends.

In the Tamagotchi P's, Kiraritchi's puzzle pieces (likes) can be obtained by eating Kirakira Cake, Parfait and wearing the Princess Tiara. Kiraritchi is also featured in many new Tamamori and other products as one of the main mascots for the Tamagotchi brand.


Kiraritchi enjoys making her own sparkling Tamamori; she is a very energetic girl and dreams of becoming an idol (popstar). She likes to help her friends out by using her Yume Kira Bag, and when she is in disguise she keeps her true identity a secret. Kiraritchi's only known relatives are her mother, Kiramamatchi, and her little sister, Kiramotchi. Yumemitchi is her best Tama-Friend and her dance partner. While she does not think much of Yumecantchi, Yumemitchi always does. Her birthday is July 7th. Kiraritchi loves the color blue, and the shape of a star.


Kiraritchi resembles a cream-colored koala with fluffy ears. She wears a purple dress with a series of circles along the bottom, like Moriritchi's. Her stockings are mauve. She usually wears a blue hat that has white fluff around the edges, like an eskimo hat. There are three beads on each of her ears and she wears a purple headband over her hat, with a pink star on it.

Name Origin

Kirari (キラリ), from Kirakira (キラキラ), translates to shiny or sparkly. Kirari can also translate to an onomatopoeic word for "a momentary flash of light".

In the Anime

Kiraritchi anime
Anime version of Kiraritchi.

She works at Kirakira Tamamori in Dream Town, and goes to Dream School with Yumemitchi. She is in dance class, and sometimes disappoints her teacher, Mitchī Sensei. Furifuritchi also tends to criticize her skills. When the two girls receive the Yume Kira Bags, she helps Yumemitchi solve problems by transforming into an different things, such as an idol, a cheerleader, etc. It is shown that she can sing and dance very well when she is with Yumemitchi.

At the end of every episode, Kiraritchi shows a new Kirakira Tamamori page.

Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi mastered their bags near the end of the Yume Kira Dream series. In episode 47 (190), they had to return the bags, as well as Yumecantchi, to Uranaishi no obāsan. In the next episode, 48, (191) Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi accomplished their dreams of becoming idols and departed for Melody Land, making this episode their final anime appearance.


  • In the anime, Kiraritchi shares her seiyuu with Dawn from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon Best Wishes!, which is created by OLM Inc. as well.
  • Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream is the second anime where Megumi Toyoguchi is singing as a duo; the first time was in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.


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