Kuchi Family

The Kuchipa Family taking a bath

The Kuchipa Family, otherwise known as the Kuchi Family for short, is a pure form of the "Easygoing Family". It is a Tamagotchi family group of 5 pure Kuchi Tamagotchis.

The family first appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5, where the family is gotten by mating Yonepatchi with Kuchipatchi at a Bonding Level of 100%. All the members of the family are "Easygoing", and the main character from the Kuchipa Family is Kuchipatchi, who is a friend of Mametchi and Memetchi.



Main article: Kuchipatchi

A male Tamagotchi that has appeared on many modern releases. He is a main character from the Kuchipa Family.


Main article: Chibipatchi

The Chibipatchis are two babies that look identical to each other, and are Kuchipatchi's brothers. According to Mamapatchi, they swap places sometimes. They have only appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.


Main article: Mamapatchi

Mamapatchi is Kuchipatchi's and Chibipatchi's mother. Papapatchi's wife.


Main article: Papapatchi

Papapatchi is Kuchipatchi's and Chibipatchi's father.

OnsenMoguratchiOnsen Moguratchi

Main article: Onsenmoguratchi

Onsen Moguratchi is the Kuchipa Family's pet.

Other Members


Main article: Yonepatchi

Yonepatchi is a younger form of Mamapatchi.

Futabatchi spriteFutabatchi

Main article: Futabatchi

Futabatchi is the Baby Form for the Kuchipa Family.

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