Kuromametchi Finds His Coolness (クール!くろまめっちの旅 Kūru! Kuromametchi no tabi) is part 2 of episode 16 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 25, 2010. The episode creator is Yoshinari Ikuko. This episode has been dubbed in English.


The episode begins at Tamagotchi School, and Kuromametchi is on his way to class. He overhears the Eco-usatchi Triplets mention a "Bread and Milk Dance" at the school festival, and he stops to listen to them. The triplets say it was fun to see the boys dressed up in milk costumes, and Kuromametchi remembers that he took part in the dance and was dressed as a bottle of milk. He thinks to himself that he didn't know it was broadcasted.

Then the triplets say that they saw Kuromametchi there, and so he hides so they won't notice that he's listening to them. One of the triplets confesses that they saw Kuromametchi just the other day, and that he looked really fancy. Kuromametchi realises that they are referring to when he was at the skating rink dressed as a peacock, and he is shocked. He tells himself it was "only to save Lovelin from danger."

One Triplet remarks that's strange, and another one states that Kuromametchi seems to not care about anyone but is actually a "really funny guy". The other triplet says that now he's a "people-person". Both of them giggle, and Kuromametchi walks away. He thinks to himself, "First I'm funny, and now I'm a people-person?" He considers himself to be a "lonely wolf" and seems to be insulted. Then Gozarutchi appears and says good morning to Kuromametchi, and so Kuromametchi returns the greeting. But then he stops himself when he remembers what the Eco-Usatchi Triplets said about him.

Later Kuromametchi is in his bedroom, deep in thought. Then the doorbell rings and he gets off his bed to see who it is. He finds out it is Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, asking him to come to the TamaCafe to try out new sweets. Kuromametchi says he would love to go, but then he stops and thinks. He remembers what the Triplets said about him, and remembers that he's meant to be a lonely wolf and doesn't like sweets anyway. So he says to Mametchi and the others, "I can't. I've got things to do. See ya." Then he closes the door, leaving Mametchi surprised and confused at Kuromametchi's unfriendliness.

Back inside, Kuromametchi looks in the mirror. Then he starts doing different poses, such as drinking wine and holding a rose in his mouth. Finally he stops and seems to realise how stupid he was being, and says to himself, "What on Earth am I doing? I just know it! I'm losing my coolness."

In the next scene, Kuromametchi is in town when he notices the Waru Café, a bar where bad Tamagotchis usually hang out. He decides to go in, and some of the customers turn to watch him. While one of the Tamagotchis is looking at him, another steals his cake. The two Tamagotchis fight. The one who stole the cake insists he didn't steal it and calls the other one a liar, and the one who had his cake stolen points out that the cake-thief has crumbs on his face. They start to shout and pound their fists on the table, and then the chairs they are sitting on come to life; their eyes glow and then they take the fighting Tamagotchis to the door and throws them outside.

Kuromametchi had been watching the fight, and the owner of the café, a duck-like Tamagotchi in a large cup of drink, tells him that the place is a well known hideout for bad guys but some of the customers need to be kept in order. Then he asks Kuromametchi if he would like something to drink, and Kuromametchi says he would like some Café Latte. The owner of the café glares at Kuromametchi, so he corrects himself and says, "I mean black coffee. Who needs cream or milk?" Kuromametchi is given a cup of black coffee, and he hesitantly takes a sip. Then he puts the cup down and exclaims that it's bitter.

An onion like Tamagotchi with a mug of beer asks the café owner if he has seen "Cool Dandy" for a while. Kuromametchi wants to know who Cool Dandy is, and asks the others. The onion-like Tamagotchi is surprised that Kuromametchi doesn't know who Cool Dandy is, and explains that he's the coolest person ever and invented coolness. He tells Kuromametchi how all the girls fell in love with him and all the boys admired him, and Kuromametchi concludes that he's like a legend. Kuromametchi asks where to find Cool Dandy, and the café owner replies, "It all depends on if he wants to see you." Kuromametchi realises that he must be cool if he is to meet Cool Dandy. He declares that he is going to find his coolness and that everyone will notice the change.

Next in the episode many pictures are depicted of Kuromametchi in his journey to find his coolness. Finally, he is under a waterfall and says to himself, "Oh no. This isn't working". Then he slips on the rock and falls into the water, and everything goes black.

When Kuromametchi regains conciousness, it is night. He finds himself in a small clearing with a mysterious Tamagotchi, Morikamitchi. There are fruit on sticks cooking in a fire. Kuromametchi gets up and tries to ask Morikamitchi where he is. Morikamitchi simply gives him one of the sticks with a fruit on it. Kuromametchi's belly growls, so he accepts the food and thanks Morikamitchi. He tries to eat the fruit but it is too hard. Then Morikamitchi shows him how to peel it. Kuromametchi copies him and takes a bite. He smiles and says it's delicious, and happily finishes eating the fruit.

Later Kuromametchi is in a hot spring with Morikamitchi. The Milky Way is bright and clear, and Kuromametchi gazes up at the stars and calls them beautiful. Then Morikamitchi finally speaks: "Even the rivers... Even the little ones can transform into a big ocean." Kuromametchi ponders this, and learns something from these words.

Kuromametchi goes home by river, using a log as a boat. He waves goodbye to Morikamitchi and says to himself, "Now I understand. There's no hurry to find myself." As he is traveling across the river, it symbolically represents how he has changed from Morikamitchi's words. Kuromametchi finally understands what it means to be "cool".

Kuromametchi is back home in Tamagotchi Town, and as he walks past Waru Café a mysterious Tamagotchi enters. The Tamagotchi is hard to identify because it is just depicted as a silhouette, but then the owner of the café says to it, "What can I get for you, Cool Dandy?" which means he must be Cool Dandy. Cool Dandy says that he just saw a Tamagotchi that seemed to have a great amount of "coolness", and he is referring to Kuromametchi. Upon closer inspection, Cool Dandy resembles Principal Mimizu--the principal of Tamagotchi School.

Kuromametchi is then shown at Tamagotchi school getting ready to listen to a speech by Principal Mimizu. Gozarutchi says hello to Kuromametchi, and he gladly says hello back. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi are happy to see Kuromametchi, and they ask him if he would like to come to Tama Café to try out the new menu. Instead of rudely declining like last time, Kuromametchi says he would like to go with them to have some café latte, and Mametchi and the others are pleased by his reaction.

Principal Mimizu starts the speech, and he tells everyone to be nice to friends and respect others. Based on Cool Dandy/Principal Mimizu's words, to by truly "cool" you have to be friendly with everyone.

As Kuromametchi listens he wonders what kind of Tamagotchi Cool Dandy is, but is unaware that he is actually Principal Mimizu. He thinks to himself that one day he will transform into an ocean, even though he is just a small river now.





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