Genders and Releases:

Kuromarutchi (くろまるっち) is a child stage character that appears exclusively on the Genjintch Tamagotchi.


Kuromarutchi resembles a long, black blob with a face, and a tail beneath it, making it resemble a tadpole.

On Virtual Pets

Genjintch Tamagotchi

Kuromarutchi evolves from DNAtchi after one hour and five minutes, and after three days it will evolve into Dotetchi if the evolution bar is between 75% and 100%, or Ukitchi if it is lower than 75%.

Name Origin

Kuromarutchi's name is derived from "kuro" meaning black, and "maru" meaning round.


  • Despite its name, Kuromarutchi is not related to Marutchi.

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